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Satyam Hang Out.

The Satyam board has been disbanded, A new 3 member  directors have been appointed . The fresh team has met with an agenda to track down the misappropriatio. If the receivables ,as stated  by the fraud management is true, then there is adequate liquidity, according to Mr. Deepak Parekh.

Yes, one man will gulp all the available food, with the help of his confident coteries. He  gets choked and spits out the unneeded. He falls sick, is hospitalised ,is given proper medication and walks out  with stately poise. This is what I perceive as the aftermath of the Satyam eruption.

Ramaling Raju has devoured 7000 crores , has disclosed the fudging ,has surrenderd to judicial custody , and has gone behind the bars. A beautiful myth and a strange reality get mixed up.

The Government has released the step up process and as the rescue is definite, the shares are moving up fast. Why  do we act like  in such a quixotic manner?

Protecting the shareholders ,  caring the employees, and  holding the image up is thoughtful and  appreciable.  But how is the government going to do?

Setting right the financial, is an onerous job. The government appointed Board will get the least cooperation from the finance department of Satyam. Will stern orders bear fruit?

Restoring the good will , is still more a grave task. The credentials  pose a big question. The World bank has cancelled its contracts. The faith in the company is lost. No one will dare revert to Satyam to process their business.

Making it move in the right track is the most terrible  detonation . How well  can they do?Mobilising liquidity, putting  the bank balance straight,protecting the staff , prolonging the terms of result tabulation , will take its toll . Deepak Parekh, in the helm of affairs, has to spend many a sleepless night and many a nerve breaking hour to tally the workings.

subscriptions thoughts


South India is humming with activities, as Pongal ,the harvesting festival is fast approaching.

Pongal falls on the first day of Thai or more so on January 14th.

The festival is a thanks giving to Nature, for her bounty.

It  marks the beginning of Uttrayana, the sun’s movement northwards for a six month period.Makar Sankaranthi refers to the entry of Sun  into Makara (Capricorn).

The  Tamil word Pongal  means boiling over, which signifies prosperity.In Andhra and Karnataka it is called as Makara Sankranthi.

Many legends  relate to Pongal. The first day of Pongal is reminiscent of Lord Krishna  lifting the Govardhana mountain on his little finger to save the people from being washed away.The third day is celebrated, as Lord Shiva asked Nandi ito deliver the message to have oil bathevery day, and food once a month. Nandi mixed up , the whole issue,and said that take food daily, and have oil bath once a month.Shiva was displeased , and asked Nandi to stay back on earth,and help the people to grow more grains.

Alanganallur Jallikattu is associated with Pongal.It is  a bull taming sport. An agiated bull is made to run in the open arena. Youngsters , to display their valour, chase it ,and control it by knocking it down  with the aid of its horns.Betting, is also common during the game.It is a dangerous play and results in deaths and injuries.

Pongal is a combination of rituals, thanksgiving and sport. This festival denotes prosperity, brings cheer and spreads gratitude.