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Histrionics in theatre is a common emblem.

Histrionics in politics is a new found etiquette.

Histrionics in life is an unpalatable ethic.

This perception is gaining momentum in daily activities.

This has also enhanced privilege and perks during the course of enactment.

An excessive show of emotions pull the string, work merits, and buy credits to the actor.

Prattle undue, flattery utmost, boisterous guffaw, propaganda cheap, mercy undemanded, tears crocodile and break down unusual earn a marked profit to the   proposer.

Gibbering gains popularity, excessive compliments win laurels, laughter aloud stimulates benefits, publicity promotes rapport, sympathy unwanted usher  relationship. weeping uncalled heralds awareness, and unassuming collapse enhances the gravity.

Histrionics in real life is a gift ,which not many possess. Those of whom who have researched the subject and engage in performing overwhelm the sincere and straightforward in wealth and and in admiration.

The camouflage of the self, the disguise of the individual, the cover up of the apparent qualities, the digression of the extensive symmetry lead to a world of make belief, and proclaim  an onslaught of epochal fame.

Histrionics is a personal disorder, pronounced  by a pattern of attention seeking behaviour and emotionality.

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Art Of Writing.

Master the art of writing ,  you have masterd the world.

Pen is mightier than sword , is the age old saying. True to every word of it, writing is sharper than the dangling sword.

A swordly action ,produces immediate result, brings out blood, and puts a quick end to all issues.

The issues may be temporiarily hushed up, through fear and anguish. But .after a short  interval ,it looks up. with more vindictiveness, and vengeance.

Again a dastardly fight erupts, marching towards destruction and chaos.

The small pen with its tiny sharp nib has created history,  has rewritten many annals of past, has provoked many revolutions, has aroused many nations to rise against anarchy, has agitated the mind of the people.It  has brought peace and tranquillity on one side, has quelled the anger of the crowd , on the other side .Pen is razor sharp , it has two sided edges.

Writing also enthuses affection, stimulates concern and  creates a bond between the author and the reader.

Verbal pomposity is much appreciated by all, but written document is very much approved and taken as an authentic proof.

We  can talk  without sincere preparation, but to write we require dedicated work out.

Less , divisive , edicts find a place in oration. But high ,selective,deference are marked in writing.

Reading maketh a full man,conference a ready man,and writing an exact man-Francis Bacon.

Bacon’s  words are extremely true. Writing  chastens a man, ennobles him, enriches his personality , enlivens his spirit and. energises his passion.,