Craft it is all the way

with meanings in many ways

the work of art in the place prime

skillful and lovely  of times

lives beyond the means

small or big  has been

a value with great spaces.



The other part of craft as found

could be one of behaviour all round

the scheming  and the manipulation

as expressed in terms of association

insists a crafty way to deal

would enforce a knack in a steal

a dexterity not seen in all  cases.



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A Man Lost.

Shout he does
for all the curse
wails he with all might
at all those who come in sight
swears he with all venom
at things that cross him in wholesome
a man of impertinence
he be with no reference
he is but a disgrace
to the mankind in its face
a man with awkward thoughts
foul-mouthed in all sorts.curses.


The Hit

It be a dash straight on the wall
hitting the forehead
that rising into a bulge
devastating moment it was
with the toddler crying with pain
the parents knowing not what do
shattered by the sobs of the kid
placing ice pack on the hit
the child crying even more
what a pain the poor one would have felt!
with tears rolling down his cheeks
sobbing intermittently for full twenty minutes
the sister standing aghast with a shock
looking at her brother crying loudly.
the entire household became paralysed
To everyone’s astonishment
the little boy walked towards his toys
Well! that be the way all kids behave
withtoddler the grown ups still being into the strike and dash.


Mirror For You

Mirror_test.The talk shows your breed 

the way you behave

illustrates your culture.

that being so much in the stream.


The top of the voice shout

hurling remarks unwanted

harping on the same

lands on in a troubled scenario.


The courtesy on extends

the politeness one professes

the dignity one maintains

tells us of the man.


The indignation being controlled

very much in the voice

expressed in words soft

go to make a long way.

The displeasure being exposed

very much in the behaviour

robs the quality of the etiquette

going to stop in between.


The few requirements make the most

raising you above the mark

pulling you down the drain

think of the repercussions and move.


This be  a mirror for you

seeing an angry face is not worthy

looking at a smile lit up face

moves your heart to happiness.


With that be your attempt

a sincere and straightforward

living up to the principles

would be a chance to your success


All Through Six decades And More.

A man  with all  the most defaults

be it a range of physical flaws

be it a  package of mental fault

he having both  beyond law

nothing could bring him together

his talk falling short  of standard norms

his moves incoherent altogether

his thoughts having no forms

the looks ,of course being not his fault

but the attitude  has no binding to  any clause

thinking too big is the irony to dot

having so many negatives in the cross

knowing nothing and behaving funny

gets through the  community narrow and small

once walking  out of it feels  dazed in the sunny

creating an  unremarkable and abject sixty five year old man downfall.

Well, that be his way of life all through six decades

exposing his shortcomings at all times with an onslaught

that be his style and presentation in all facades

he being a miscreant and a misnomer in the slot.



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Dismantling The Experience.

Disoriented is the mind after a shock.
Disenchanted is the soul as it experiences a block.
Disheartened is the heart as it hits the rock.
Disturbed is the thought as it is subjected to a mock.
Disintegrated becomes the idealism as it stumbles into a deadlock.dishevelled
Dishevelled is the hair as the curls fall in locks.
Disfigured is the face as hurdles besiege it in a flock.
Dislocated is the disc as hurried movements enforce a knock.
Distraught is the being as every other thing takes it to an extreme stock.

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A Call For Quality

It is quality that account all round.

The quality should  profusely abound.

Behaviour should never rebound.

Qualitative dimensions stand around.

Food should never rewound.

Prime quality mark the ground.

Education should never confound.

High quality grants wisdom profound.

Quantity should submit with  bound.

Quality should outweigh all with an emphatic resound.








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The Cardinals

Mind your language.

It reflects your lineage.

It gives you a leverage.


Mind your anger. 

It talks of you in meagre 

It lasts longer.


Mind your behaviour.

It illustrates your interior.

It delivers a profound exterior.


Mind your pride.

It takes you for a ride.

It dwells within your hide.


Mind your desire.

It evolves an aspire.

It diffuses into an ire.


Mind your attire.

It might infer a satire.

It spreads an admire.


Mind yourself in the world.

It is the perfect road.

It would lead you to heights untold. 


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An Ode to Behaviour

It is called as a obstinacy,

It is termed as pride,

It is referred as exclusiveness,

It is summed up as withdrawal.


Whatever it may be observed,

A certain resolution is apparent,

A slight diffidence is felt,

A kind of aloofness is experienced.


Well, that looks interesting,

It is akin to a determined disposition,

It is similar to a non interventional distinction,

It is more or less a revered definition.


Likening it to a shining star is appropriate,

Alluding it to an embellishment is obvious,

Accepting it as a chaste demeanour is prudence,

Affliating it to a diplomatic policy is wisdom.


Calling it as adamancy is an intrigue,

Assailing it as high headedness is  a fallacy,

Deriding it as a behavioural enigma is callous,

Concluding it as a deviant measure is a disaster.


The attitude varies from person to person,

A sanguine perception is regarded high,

A non intrusive  temperament is found rare,

A sagacious discretion demands applause.



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I gaze at the  dark sky  over  there,

I see none other than the sky above there

The twinkling little stars are  not there,

The full bright moon is also not there.



The lovely moon is seen in full bright,

On the day of the “Full Moon “right.

But today  not a trace is found  straight,

Much to  everyone’s disappointment right.



The moon  gets closer to the earth today,

Very much nearer to the earth than  all other day,

It will appear big and  full  than any other day,

Lo ! it is not visible to my eyes today.



Astrologers say “Supermoon” will bring disaster,

They say tsunami  in Japan is  a forerunner to  the disaster,

Scientists say the nearness will  force tidal waves to alter ,

But  will not affect earth’s charter



To me the moon  behaves little peculiar today,

As  its  luminosity is  kept in a bay,

This  phenomenon is a  deviated ray,

Keeping the world in fearful stray.