The Sun And The Moon.

The sun and the moon

take up the skies  in turn

the sun is high up till noon

shines with a caustic burn

mid afternoon go a little low

with the evening it settles

at dusk it goes far below.


Could not be said of the moon  in nights

it grows and wanes all through the month

a growth phenomenal  in a fortnight

while it  fades through the rest of the month

a cyclic round  it undertakes without  interruption

an increase and a decrease in succession

the difference between moon and sun in  straight.


They work from dawn to dusk in full strength

never once they fail in their extensions

being the source of energy and light in length

none could challenge their distinctions

that much could be said of the sun and the moon

they being a great gift to mankind and a desirous boon.sun and moon.jpg










Beauty delight glow mankind Poetry

The Moon Glows

Landing on the moon

the man fell in a swoon

for mankind it is a boon

an achievement  in tune

a small step to him

a giant leap to his team

the world looked with awe

as he took the moon stone raw

an enthrall it was to all

as he blew the whistle in a call

well, moon holds a delight

displays a pristine blue flawless sight

it is an adventerous episode

which still rolls out a holdThArmstrong

many more explorations have followed

yet the initial one rocks with a glow.

Beauty moon picturesque. Poetry

The Moon And I

The moon peeps through my window

as I set the head on my pillow

I stare at her devouring her beauty

she  returns it with a glare pretty

the whiteness is pure without a blemish

it was a flawless hue all whitish

I lie down contemplating  quietly

the moon shines lavishly

I refrain from closing the window

for fear of losing the picturesque glow

how long I was  like that I do not know

could be till sleep overwhelmed me  in slow.moon

Governance peace. Poetry war White House

White House.

A flash of light

lit the land  bright

it is in the night

a beautiful sight

the moon gazes from a height

looks down straight

falls  down below on the right

where the house stands   alone

it is a  gorgeous white one

pure and crystal like in tone

very much  familiar and known

called the “White House”

a place that invited a rouse

which led to a browse

a famous icon in  a  course

wherein emanates a declaration of war   and peace

the crucial   discussions take place

the decisions show  up firm, not in a trace

the governance is done not in a haze

committed is the President never in haste

the name is synonymous with ideas chaste

it being a display of  grandeur and  magnificence

a cynosure of all eyes and a place of excellenceWhite House.


The Moon

moonSaw a moon in the sky
she bade me come near
I moved close to her
tried to touch her bosom
passed my fingers over her
the milky white fluffy flesh
looked so imposing and clear
did not promote anything promiscuous
gave a thought of purity in the fold
the crystal clear light that passed
fell one me with a grace so fine
took me over in a blind
her pristine beauty turned me dumb
expressionless I got transformed
like a stone I was
I stood holocaust in the brightness.


The Sun and Moon

The sun and moon
fascinate and enthrall
that be the thrill
with the sun’s glory
and the moon’s charm
go the day and night
with a routine all through
emit the sun the light
while the moon releases grace
both competing with each other
one vying for the prime post
who would clinch the title
do you know tell me
I vote for the moon
as it lights up the night
and relaxes for fifteen days
growing and waning
a symbol of thrive
a significant design
which the sun lacks
as it always shines, then scorches
then burns and finally goes beyond
that be the excess of the sun
and the deficit of it
all in one go
I might sound irrational
Oh 1 that is what I am
a deviantdownload (72) from the accepted norms.


The Evening Drive,

Going out in the evening

looking at the shops big and small

glorified with lights colourful

found  also over the tress on the roads

blue ,pink and white lights flicker

with the neon lights on the pavements

and the sodium vaporised lights shining bright

the darkness of the night dispelled

being eliminated by illumination

the moon over the skies

shining demurely and peevishly

feeling shy of the earthly lights

while the stars refuse to come out

afraid of the twinkling lights  far below

the man-made fusions succeed so well

that they pose a threat to the constellation

leaving the firmament bare and dark

the artificial overpowering the natural as ever

that which is new would seem better

the old losing its gleam  in the endeavour

thus goes the evening drive across the city.





The Little Insect

The mosquito bites always

stings and sucks the blood

causing a havoc and a mess

found in the tropics and equatorial regions

around the slushy swamps and stagnant water mass

among the dense forests  and fields

they swarm and breed not in hundreds

but in millions  and trillions

stinging the  old and young

a tiny creature and  an insect

casting venom on the population

so huge, massive  and uncountable

who could do nothing to eradicate

while the scientists  claim  with pride

that they  have sent missiles to Moon and Mars

spending hours and days non stop

years and decades  not sleeping

working on that is beyond grasp

yet they catch it and capture it

while they stand desperate

before the tiny little insect

helpless download (32) in a limbo.



The Rainbow Effect.

The white cat on the red wall
jumped down on the green grass
beautifully kept with violets around.

It strode across the muddy path
leading to a magnificent golden court
where little girls in pink download (9)pinafore stood.

The girls were playing in the twilight
with the blue moon shining over them
as the black night slowly advanced through.

The fluffy cat  hopped over to the blue waters
that lay little off the  orange orchard
where her  brown kittens  loitered about.

Reaching the orchard she sank on the ground
as she being exhausted and tired
while the sky turned indigo as the night advanced.


The Moon

The moon shone bright

spreading vivacious light

from a very great   height

enhancing  the  beauty of the mooncool night