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The Mosquito ——- A Menace

Mosquito, the little insect

black and small  in size

breeds in marshy tracts

multiplies  in millions and billions

barges in like an invasion

bites the inmates then and there

extends  various  forms of epidemics

dengue one such fever

chicken kunya  another strain

malaria severest form

all too much to bear

dies in a few days

imposing a havoc unprecedented

that be the honour of mosquito

whose entity is tiny and micro

whose effect is gigantic and macro

as such I find  one such sitting on my hand

about to bite with its tongs

I give it a slam so  harsh

it falls down dead on the floor

leaving behind a trace of blood

sticks to my hand in slight   degrees

thick and red  the blood looks

could be from the previous bite

who knows from (52)


The Little Insect

The mosquito bites always

stings and sucks the blood

causing a havoc and a mess

found in the tropics and equatorial regions

around the slushy swamps and stagnant water mass

among the dense forests  and fields

they swarm and breed not in hundreds

but in millions  and trillions

stinging the  old and young

a tiny creature and  an insect

casting venom on the population

so huge, massive  and uncountable

who could do nothing to eradicate

while the scientists  claim  with pride

that they  have sent missiles to Moon and Mars

spending hours and days non stop

years and decades  not sleeping

working on that is beyond grasp

yet they catch it and capture it

while they stand desperate

before the tiny little insect

helpless download (32) in a limbo.



The Mosquitoes Plague Madurai

Endangered by the epidemic

 with dengue and malaria on the anvil

 mosquitoes humming in rhythmic

saying that monsoon has failed  in the wheel

scarcity of water being the cause of misery

the civic authorities remain dazed in ignorance

knowing not what to do to stop the  infectious emissary

as all along they had been busy  in reference

not to their duties but in filling their treasury

sharing with not the have-nots in inference

but making their families revel in wealth mostly

now the tiny insect has bit them so hard with a difference

stinging them not physically but in a way discordantly

hitting  their morality forcibly Mosquitoes that they stand  in  preference

accused in front of the public and legality

with true sense of guilt and indifference


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Battle of Siege

Lady Mosquitoeswindows shut

Close the windows and doors.
Close them at once with force.
Why this urgency? in course.

Oh! shut the windows and doors.
Shut them with necessary force.
Why this haste? in course.

Well, do not open the windows and doors.
Well, do not open them with force.
Why this caution? in course.

Fine as the windows and doors are fastened.
There is no add ons required to hasten
the vigil to guard the entrance.

Getting back into a sober ease.
Relaxing comfortably in the closeted freeze.
Eyed the culprit come up from a narrow crease.

With a startled shock rose up in fear
as the attacker came very near.
Quickly seized a bat from rear.

The misnomer goes round and round in a buzz.
There appears a sharp sting butting out from the tress.
Being not bitten is a bless.

The bat is swirled in all directions.
It fails to trap the one with no dimensions.
The bat proves useless before this manipulation.

What was it? cried everyone in alarm.
It was,it was a menace that causes mush harm.
What to say it is a mosquito in its full form.