The Service I Render,

With a curious mind 

and a regular writing

I do things  with reckoning

that call for attention

seeing some hazard not permissible

where the environment

faces danger and destruction

I am up in arms not literally

taking my pen with a speed

as the pen being my weapon

my face not being known

I go about in this world

reforming a little in a way

a fair share of my participation

coming out of the eventuality

soon come the vigilance

setting right the damage

being my writing contribution to society

from which I have gained much

a small rectification to the city

which has given me place to live

so far and so forth all through

I do a little by way of service

though not much to the world

which remains the pivotal point

which stands with open arms

embracing the good and bad



The Mosquitoes Plague Madurai

Endangered by the epidemic

 with dengue and malaria on the anvil

 mosquitoes humming in rhythmic

saying that monsoon has failed  in the wheel

scarcity of water being the cause of misery

the civic authorities remain dazed in ignorance

knowing not what to do to stop the  infectious emissary

as all along they had been busy  in reference

not to their duties but in filling their treasury

sharing with not the have-nots in inference

but making their families revel in wealth mostly

now the tiny insect has bit them so hard with a difference

stinging them not physically but in a way discordantly

hitting  their morality forcibly Mosquitoes that they stand  in  preference

accused in front of the public and legality

with true sense of guilt and indifference


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Destination Nostaligic

Wading through the rubbish  plastic.

Skipping over the garbage drastic.

Sneezing  frequently over the smell caustic.

Negotiating round the corner as a rustic.

Reached the destination  in a manner stoic.


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Wiping And Cleaning

The possibilities of keeping the environment fully well in a designed and disciplined framework looks remote. The defamation to the healthy atmosphere is man made , in the sense it is wantonly committed  and purposefully devised.

The  apparent job of cleaning the house , is  a simple  work ,which needs no special skill and no mental  acumen. The way ,it is carried out requires  a proper procedure. The dust , the rubbish and the cobwebs that are collected should go to the bin , but we throw it out in the streets , unmindful of the mess it causes, immediately and in the long run, Most countries take severe action to this gross violation, but in India , it is a casual incident. Most house  fronts are swept  clean, then water is poured , again it is  swept dry . Then the traditional sketches or kolams are drawn , giving a gleeful look . This sweeping is confined to the front part only, leaving the thither sides totally in the lurch. The Indian mindset ,” is keep your house clean , do not think about the inch of land which does not belong to you.” Let it gather dust , let it be strewn with plastic carry bags, let it hold a garbage of waste that cannot be easily  destroyed, the Indian is not affected. He feels that  it is not his duty , it is the job of the city  corporation 

The capricious thought seems so strange and so weak at the same time. The  indiscriminative process leads to a prosaic perishable derogation. The garbage starts stinking , if it is drenched by rain. It starts flying , when it faces a strong wind.  The  large deposit of waste mounted for a long duration ,starts the spreading of infection  of multifarious bacteria . Most illness are air borne , and waterborne. The hazard , thus created , leads to ailments , like asthma, jaundice, hepatitis , allergies and influenza.

The narrow perception of maintaining cleanliness at home , is ridiculous and painful at the  same time. The ridicule emanates from the short listed constrained refinement of the insensitiveness to the jeopardy it causes. Abstaining from the general welfare but involving in the particular  sensibility, shakens the vulnerability of the environment. A desire   to enunciate a method to wipe  and clean without harming the larger significance of  environment by pollution and combustion, emission and exhaustion should be nurtured , if we wish to protect the planet.  

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Malaysia’s Contribution To Environment

Malaysia is a beautiful country, rich in natural resources, and with profuse water flow.It holds an enviable status in South East Asia. The small country ,has a mutli culture population, of Malays, Chinese and Indians.

The three Asian races have mixed so well except for a few simmering here and there. I had taken a second home visa, and am constantly visiting the country for the past two years, rather ,I spend  nearly half a yearhere..

The weather is humid and moist. The rains are so copious and  the heat so oppressive , and sweltering , that the people seem to get scorched , but very soon  get drenched in rain. This in short is the characterstic of Malaysia,  with refernce to climate  in particular and with people in general. They may , at times be offensive, but shortly turn out to be so amiable and affectionate.

The roads Of Malaysia , need a special mention. They are so good and well maintained, that driving is a pleasure in this country. Even the roads in Kampam,and small towns are practically fine and devoid of potholes and speed breakers.

The carry bags strewn around , present an eyesore . The garbage is collected in a plastic bag and kept in front of every house, shops and hotels. They are cleared by the civic authorities late in the night. A significant move by the municipalities, but if they ban the use of these plastic garbage bags,the mother earth would be more grateful to the otherwise clean Malaysians. The supermarkets, big shopping malls, and the rehats, and hotels, invariably pack the things in coloured bags, plastic , of course. They may argue , that the thin bags are reusable, but why give way to it, when there are other alternatives. The shopping centers , could bring in thin cloth bags, or paper bags, or else bamboo baskets for heavy purchase.

This is what was practised during our grandmother’s time. The granny used to take a big bamboo basket ,to buy vegetables and big cloth bags to purchase cloth and dress materials. Grannies took food in banana leaves,which were easily decomposed.The big suitcases are the fancy of the modern age. In yore, the people took their belongings in baskets of bamboo or thatched leaves and bags made of cloth. They were easily manageable, though looked less attractive.

Going back to the basics , will save the earth from vicious  existence.We will leave a greener earth to our progeny, let alone anything else. The rich soil is the most precious gift to our children , than diamonds, gold , silver,and other movable and immovable assets.

Will Malaysian civic authorities give a thought to it? I pray that they should implement this concerned perception as early as possible.