Poetry Reliability.

Is Flying Reliable?

Flying is fun

embark and fly but breathe

after reaching the destination.

Flights have disappeared

not once but twice  all too sudden

for reasons unknown.

The rationality behind

pilot’s suicideA_Germanwings_A320_3243376b, his carelessness, a snag

all  human trepidations.


The Collapse.

The wall collapsed

there being a risky lapse

 pointing to  prwall-collapse-145658238-1791077olapse 



The Excess

The excess of anything is a danger

as it causes an intoxication in a ranger

be it food in a Kakaw_(Mayan_word)quantity  beyond

as indulgence lands in  orbits of outbound

be it wealth in a way

as opulence takes you far away

be it  temper striking entire

as the gravity stabs the  interior

be it  brains  in a say

as intelligence touches lunatic stray

be it passion  in straight

as sensual extravagance  creates a blight

be it fashion in show

as over exposure brings you to bow.

be it mercy in the go

as  tenderness pitches you against a foe

anything right or wrong

a moderation should be your song

as it would put you in a stature

lively and delicate making you great and mature.



The Service I Render,

With a curious mind 

and a regular writing

I do things  with reckoning

that call for attention

seeing some hazard not permissible

where the environment

faces danger and destruction

I am up in arms not literally

taking my pen with a speed

as the pen being my weapon

my face not being known

I go about in this world

reforming a little in a way

a fair share of my participation

coming out of the eventuality

soon come the vigilance

setting right the damage

being my writing contribution to society

from which I have gained much

a small rectification to the city

which has given me place to live

so far and so forth all through

I do a little by way of service

though not much to the world

which remains the pivotal point

which stands with open arms

embracing the good and bad




Facilitating  gets ahead with a choice

as how to do it well in poise

helping the one with great ease

doing it with little or no  fees

becoming a  business gradually

coordinating and linking gift eventually

taking pains to deliver on time

holding a risk  at times

satisfying the receiver and the giver

as mercy is twice blest altogether

facilitation is double-edged  in truth

going by the transactions in faith

any fall out  would bring heart burns

spoiling the relations  in turns

A careful handling itself becomes expensive

as it involves great care in the defensive.





Publishing makes one  nervous

Writing is a flow natural

being very much spontaneous

Getting it into print is  strain  literal

where there emanates pain  laborious.

Writing with ease when and where

with none to go about in tease there

an effort that is privately own

going by the thoughts grown

decorating them with  wordy toimages (12)nes.

Getting published is every writer’s wish

getting publishers is a  great risk.

with every publication turning away in a fizz

the writer loses his tempo in a brisk

thus many works get away  not recognised by a kiss.


subscriptions thoughts

Through The Gateway

The ways to deal with hardships are many,

The methods   to overcome them are many,

The desire to fight with them are many,

The final victory will get accolades many.



As there are ways to surpass the evil,

There are means to silence the devil,

As there are modes to arrest the uprise civil

There are trends to stop the revolt with will.



Massacres  are committed through the gateway,

Terrorism  passes through the gateway,

Thieves slip through the gateway,

Bomb blasts break through the gateway.



Yet gateways are also entry to find operations,

Ships from  far away glide through after observation,

The thoroughfare goes up and down with ordination,

The giant clocks ring and tick during oscillations .



Gateways expose  the country’s progress ,

At times they pose a danger to the progress,

At times they also accelerate the prospective progress,

The inward and outward do  rejuvenate and hamper the progress.

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Robots In Japan

Cutting end technology is seen  everywhere in Japan,

As robots  run  the marathon in a hasty span,

And   play the violin in a melodic chant,

The world leader in robotic grant,

Is  out of steam in real-time serve,

As they failed  in deciphering disaster curve.



The Fukushima  radiations are manned,

Exposing them  to a radiation scan,

While automation is present in all other parts ,

Japan relies on human power to check the charts,

Man  mixing the nuclear fuel in  a pail,

Is a scene found in  the  highly technical  sail.


Japan maintains an anachronistic element,

In the much advanced scientific  regiment ,

Of remote  controlled aids and gadgets,

That switch on and off the output,

Relying not on man but on panels

For  wedding operations  and channel.


Lo! Japan engages workforce to monitor radiation,

Which will scorch and kill rendering an annihilation.