The Coloured Ribbons.

The red ribbon
flies at a height unsurpassable
potential danger.

The blue ribbon
is seen at a moderate level
plausible goodwill.

The yellow ribbon
waves with a warmth
brings in happiness

The white ribbon
flutters in a mild manner
proposes peace.double-satin-ribbons


Not A Visitor He Be.

Not a visitor he be

nor an insider he be not a visitor

he comes and goes

on and off he comes

not for the real sake

nor out of love sake

he  is there in all

be there without a call

could be for a curiosity

might he be an inquisitive

he comes and goes as often

know not for what in a soften

that be his way of getting to know

that be his attitude in flow

slowly he gathers the wool

then remains silent and cool

a fund of information in hand

well, he could share it with his band

a real danger  be alert and beware

never risk at the cost of his care.



Away in a Manger

Away in a manger
the deerdeer was in danger
as there came a ranger
who was a total stranger
the poor one cried with fear
there came a noise from rear
an arrow passed through the ear
it dashed off holding its life dear
ran in leaps and bounds
looked a second not around
fell tired on the ground
beside a sandy mound


The Relations

It has  become sour and hot

as the tea becomes cold and insipid

relations getting estranged

as the tea   remains distasteful

with money and property

assuming  great proportions

tempers rising high

words turning foul

accusing and alleging  each other

the  one who has the power

the one who  has the key

keeps adamant all through

squandering and  swallowing

the resource and revenue

making the others stand behind

forcing a beseech and a plight

unprecedented and unwanted

he happily enjoying all the  fruit

throwing the skin and the seed

while the rest in restlessness

unable to brook any longer

grab his collars and drag himages (66)im

all around the streets

sealing him in a corner

lest not he would leave nothing

not even the skin and seed

that be the  disaster it portends

that be the dismay it extends.



Finding Fault

Finding fault  is his way
that has been all the days
whether it be necessary
whether it be derisive
he goes on pin pointing
with not declining
anything  in  the role
looking through a hole
which shows only demerits
he gives all less credits
telling that it is his right
talking images (35)to the face straight
making others quiver in anger
he rants out with allegations danger
that at times jumps beyond and over
causing a malicious feel  and lowers
the respect one bores for him all over.


The Excess

The excess of anything is a danger

as it causes an intoxication in a ranger

be it food in a Kakaw_(Mayan_word)quantity  beyond

as indulgence lands in  orbits of outbound

be it wealth in a way

as opulence takes you far away

be it  temper striking entire

as the gravity stabs the  interior

be it  brains  in a say

as intelligence touches lunatic stray

be it passion  in straight

as sensual extravagance  creates a blight

be it fashion in show

as over exposure brings you to bow.

be it mercy in the go

as  tenderness pitches you against a foe

anything right or wrong

a moderation should be your song

as it would put you in a stature

lively and delicate making you great and mature.




Dressing up fast
got into the car
raced ahead past
the signal and sped.

Going in speed
paid no attention
to the traffic
got caught for over speed.

The police
stopped the car
fined me heavy
say 100 dollars.

Cursing my fate
yet not slowing
drove fast
in irrelevant speed.

The camera
above the bridge
captured a picture
sealing me again.

Knowing now
I would be fined heavier
slowed down a little
to the prescribed limit.

But for the fine
I would have sped againspeed cameras.
toppling many on the way
finally ending up broken.

Penalties ae there
to caution the rash
if not the world
would become a trash.

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A call From A Mobile Phone.

Mobile phone is called as cell phone in some parts of the world,

Cell phone is  referred as hand phone in other parts of the world,

It is a phone lying unattended somewhere in my world


Mobile phones have made great strides recently,

Everyone has it even during his ride definitely,

Exposing his life to a an alarming danger certainly.


People can reach us wherever we are is a plus

They can trouble us from wherever they are is a minus,

Keep us posted of  wanted and unwanted news is a trespass.


 All said and done to me, far from being useful it is just handy ,

 All for the matter to me it is expensive but small and funny,

All the much so to me it is  a gadget that remains a mystery.


Do I really need a mobile is my call?

Ma ,you should possess one is my boys call,

I do not need one as I rarely move out is my call.


Factually,my life is a movement  from one room to another,

I never venture out of my home  at any cost how so ever,

A mobile is an unnecessary to a home bird like me all so ever.


I do own a mobile,I know not for what,

I placed it in my cupboard from the day I bought,

It rings and dies with no attention brought.








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Colour Red.

Colours give a fantastic splash,

Red, they say is a sign of danger,

It goes with fire and blood,

it also aligns with anger,

It is sometimes eye-catching,

With an association of shades,

A lighter red is most attractive,

Elucidating a charm and desire,

Warming up to a cordiality,

Indicating  a significant good will,

Well ,this is how we could talk of other colours too.





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At Last The Snails

The garden abounds with fresh vegetables,

Ripe tomatoes sweep the pathway ,

Green chillies hang  midway,

Eggplants bloom  in purple along the causeway,

Leafy cabbages represent a royalty all the way.


Rains fall  in a heavy downpour,

Flooding the garden in  an uninterrupted sway,

The lovely vegetables get soaked in a desolate gay,

The earth looks like a marshy  tray

Snails big and small move about in the way.


They go about in a pace so slow ,

Coiling and recoiling in a manner so graphic,

Drawing into their hard shells seem so specific,

Over a period they multiply in numeric,

The garden encounters a danger symbolic.


The water recedes gradually  ,

The soil   happens to look like a slushy muddle,

The vegetables lie rotten in the muddle,

The snails track down the puddle,

The garden appears like an unsolved riddle.