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A Drive Up and Down — Metaphorical

It was a long drive from my place

we went at a moderate pace

no ups and downs on the forward

vehicular traffic was towards

negotiated with a knack and patience

well, need very much of a tolerance.


While coming back it was a way different

took the less traversed road being deviant

crossed through slopes and bends  many

absolutely free from the traffic of any

we drove at a high speed in a fun

one of a peaceful journey  worth a ton.


Could I see myself as the same in my life?

a lot of hurdles initially intercepted

found a way to the destination in a struggle

if I had been more aggressive

paused for a while and  turned regressive

this time, I came out successfully

I learnt the lesson rather  too late.






Speeding And Stealing.

Speeding car drivers are penalised
speeding thieves are not
Overspeed is a fault
Crash open the bolt
steal and kill
are they not faults?
this is what came to my mind
as I saw the news reports
which tells in detail about
the penalties and punishment
for the car drivers could be an arrest
or a heavy penalty at the worst
could be also extended to burglary as well.speed

Speed And Summon

Speeding fast the highway

the cars go through  all the way

with a brisk and with a fast remit

mindless of the prescribed limit

the cameras set on points

capture the speeders at all joints

be it in corners,,turns, morning  or night

put them in a situation tight

not all at once  as they  are bound

at an interval of few days in the round

charge them a hefty sum

the drivers pay the  fee handsome

speed past the highway as usual

they take the summon casual speed limit

The Bull’s Run

Crossing a farm a few miles away

 caught sight of a big bull on the way

lazily grazing over the fields

a difficult cattle that does not yield

nor could be  controlled l by any measure

strict and cruel at times in a pressure

 keeps going with  lively ease 

 not bothered about the wicked tease

a stubborn animal as far as I know

very determined   from top to toe.

Held up by his own lethargy

 he suddenly came out with great energy

 started running up the road in speed

knowing not what be the need

men ran behind him with  haste

but their attempt proved a waste

 as his speed was uncontrollable.

his fancy and move was unreliable

 fearing a mishap  at any moment

the minds of men was in great torment

Suddenly at its own risk the bull stopped

 fell down


on the road like a flop

The men advanced slowly with great care

and tactfully tied the animal to its pair 

 brought him home in a task fast

 putting an end to the ritual at last.

Let us have it a s a real bull in life 

 or a bull in the stock strife

 Whatever it might  be

 Wherever it might be

 the bull goes  up and down

 never settling  with a crown.











There Ends The Spin

Spinning does life goes in speed
with lots of ups and downs
with bumps and falls
Falling down we get up
Falling flat we turn around
Falling over we get over.
so goes on life both in joy and melancholy
both in strife and stroke
both with promise and default
Up and Up it rises up one time.
Down and down it relapses another time
The spinning is not consistent
neither it is constant
Heaping up praise on one side
Targeting with mud-slinging on other side.
Spinning goes on with noise and clatter
bringing fortune and mishap
extending love and hate
bestowing grace and mercy
all the same in a width
and all the more in length
Spinning does the life end
with the curtains coming down.download.


Dressing up fast
got into the car
raced ahead past
the signal and sped.

Going in speed
paid no attention
to the traffic
got caught for over speed.

The police
stopped the car
fined me heavy
say 100 dollars.

Cursing my fate
yet not slowing
drove fast
in irrelevant speed.

The camera
above the bridge
captured a picture
sealing me again.

Knowing now
I would be fined heavier
slowed down a little
to the prescribed limit.

But for the fine
I would have sped againspeed cameras.
toppling many on the way
finally ending up broken.

Penalties ae there
to caution the rash
if not the world
would become a trash.

Ode to a Peacock.

Up on the hillock,

up on the grassy lock,

up over a marshy  block,

up  at the strike  of the clock,

amidst a happy flock,

there was a  lovely slot.



A dainty entry from the hills,

with a sharp bill,

with a sapphire fill,

calling in a voice shrill,

made its way in a drill,

it was an enticing dance.



The colourful feathers spread  grand,

opened up like a  canopy on a land,

throwing out shiny elegance in a brand,

the dense feathers  enchanted the band,

it appeared as an action of a magic wand,

It created a  trance.



The danseuse beckoned the gaiety of north,

it greeted the pleasantries of south,

it solicited the charm of west,

it bowed to the grace of the oriental east,

 exhibiting  a marvellous feat,

it was a concert best.



Hopping it went ahead,

jumping  it trotted  back,

elaborating it moved right,

accelerating it speeded left,

displaying a nimble footed treat,

it held everyone in toes.

Crooning goes round the peahen

singing tunes of love in tens,

kindling the peacock to  dance  in sevens,

enthralling the spectators to a rhapsodical events,

Good God!  it  was nothing but heavens,

it was a beautiful romance.