A Workshop.

A workshop

editing, correcting and reworking

a great task.


The Task

The remains of anything

the reminiscent of anything

the retrospection  of anything

the regurgitation of anything

the resurgence of anything

the renovation of anything

the rehabilitation of anything

the rejuvenation of anything

could be a task  not simple

modification not  easy

a hard one being laborious

being done in a manner religious

a discipline in a purview

needs a skill and a mind

as broad as a canvas

willing to hold any views

an expression of boldness

great and tall in a call.





Honey Being Sweet.


Honey is sweet everyone knows

it is also slightly bitter many do not know

depending on the source of the collection

everyone should know.

The bees go round the garden

be that of any field for that matter

selecting the best possible resource

setting about with an indulgence.

Sitting on the flower blooming fully well

protruding well ahead from the stalk

the buzzing bees settle strongly on them

pulling out the maximum from the pollens.

The busy bees do go above the branches

that come out of the fruit trees

invariably mango, neem and tamarind

that grow in abundance in the tropics.

The honey from these trees

have a tinge of bitterness and sourness

that which being natural in the fruits they bear

having a potential medicinal value.

The honey that being gathered

get deposited in the racks made by man and nature

where the Queen bee does the extraction

while the honey starts dripping.

The story of honey related the task

that being not sweet as it tastes

quite exasperating as it is seen

yet serving mankind with good cash and kind.

Honey being a word referring to sweet heart

the sweetness ascribed to it comes after a task

an analogy crosses the mind know not why

that true love too comes after serious deliberation.


The Angel’s Check

Give me angela hand
said the angel with a wand
not trusting the angel fully
he extended his hand partially
the angel seeing his distrust
came forth with a test
that being a check for his belief
one that could grant him a relief
she asked him to lift her high
he thinking it to be an easy try
made an attempt to bring her i
it became difficult as she was heavier
though she  appeared slender and elegant
her weight was unexpectedly  defiant
letting his attempts go in futile
he gave up the  struggle
with that the angel gracefully  rose
flying into the clear blue skies  with a force.


The Bull’s Run

Crossing a farm a few miles away

 caught sight of a big bull on the way

lazily grazing over the fields

a difficult cattle that does not yield

nor could be  controlled l by any measure

strict and cruel at times in a pressure

 keeps going with  lively ease 

 not bothered about the wicked tease

a stubborn animal as far as I know

very determined   from top to toe.

Held up by his own lethargy

 he suddenly came out with great energy

 started running up the road in speed

knowing not what be the need

men ran behind him with  haste

but their attempt proved a waste

 as his speed was uncontrollable.

his fancy and move was unreliable

 fearing a mishap  at any moment

the minds of men was in great torment

Suddenly at its own risk the bull stopped

 fell down

on the road like a flop

The men advanced slowly with great care

and tactfully tied the animal to its pair 

 brought him home in a task fast

 putting an end to the ritual at last.

Let us have it a s a real bull in life 

 or a bull in the stock strife

 Whatever it might  be

 Wherever it might be

 the bull goes  up and down

 never settling  with a crown.












Settling Down Finally.

Settling in a crucial way

 negotiating all the day

keeping things at bay

makes one go astray

far from the norms

adjusting to the qualms

relinquishing the charm

assuaging with a balm

has been the schedule

initiating a prelude

which do not include

anything in the rectitude

going out  in a premium

extending to the maximum

disowning the minimum

encompassing the  infinitum.settling down













Caution Of The Day.

The rush up towards north today
with the hope of accomplishing a task in a day
as it looked very promising and attractive yesterday
thinking it would get through at any cost by the day
came to a not so alluring ending as expected this day.
It was half complete and reached the middle in mid day
wherein an apprehension surged up unexpectedly over the day
with doubts rising in a familiarity across the day
Not to overshadow the suspicion that arouse later in the day
left it as such till it gets cleared day by day
not by force or entreaty through the days
but allowing it to explain the merit not in a day
as in the long run it would have to would endure against the days
and withstand all allegations from today to future days
dispersing the suspicions as baseless as in most days.accomplishing


The Future Holds.

That what is going to happen hold us with an anticipation.
We go to Tarot readers with an expectation.
We sit before the Parrot reader waiting for a prediction.
We rush to the astrologer for a detailed resolution
The future holds us with a fear and a bind.
Pushing us towards a thought in the hind
We unlock our dreams that lie in the mind.
The thoughts which cause a break from the line.
We, eager to get over and reach the top slot
go in circles, employ turns and plot.
The success is but minimal with little ingots.
Yet the future makes us live always with a task.
It forces us to odd-future_ned-flander_video live with a mask.