It Is A Check

It is a check

could be one of random

could be one of a bind

yet it checks all with a scrutinizecheck

being one of not right or wrong

a customary approach to verify

being that of a routine

an eye on the  faults

a way to look at with a follow

nothing far beyond that in a scroll

a check and a refrain  in the stroll

a verify and a restriction be the goal


The Angel’s Check

Give me angela hand
said the angel with a wand
not trusting the angel fully
he extended his hand partially
the angel seeing his distrust
came forth with a test
that being a check for his belief
one that could grant him a relief
she asked him to lift her high
he thinking it to be an easy try
made an attempt to bring her i
it became difficult as she was heavier
though she  appeared slender and elegant
her weight was unexpectedly  defiant
letting his attempts go in futile
he gave up the  struggle
with that the angel gracefully  rose
flying into the clear blue skies  with a force.

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A Baby’s First Crawl

Lying down on his stomach ,

Looking around to check,

Pulling his legs to the fore,

 He fell down on the floor.


He got hurt to an extent,

He cried to his heart’s content,

Then attempted  again,

Alas ! he slipped in the bargain


He threw an angry look around

Stared in anger at the ground,

Shouted something in a loud voice

He stretched himself in a choice.


The baby became restless,

 He slowly dragged his legs breathless,

Steadied himself to a right position

He remained waiting for the next decision.


He suddenly  took a four-legged step,

 Moved his right leg in a forward pep,

The left one followed in a quick,

Architecting an advance like a trick.


The ruse went on for a little time,

It was like a poetic rhyme,

The crawl was with a rhythmic ease,

That brought no ridiculing tease.


It was fun  to see him crawl  for the rest,

It was for him a  highly priced test,

He had taken a move daring,

Is it not a praiseworthy sharing?