bliss Love Poetry Wish

A Token Of Love

A token of love

a small gift  of love

with words of  a wish

would extend a bliss

could not be explained

with wordings plain

could only be experienced

with feelings intense.a token

dear. fear Love Poetry

Love Me Not.

Love me not

love me not with fear

love me dear.parent-embrace

capable Love Poetry Pride selfless

Mother ———- A Symbol Of Love.

“Mother” a lovable word

embraces all with love

looks with eyes benign

seeks nothing  in return

a solace to all

solicits with a smile

knows only selfless affection

brings tears to my eyes

as I recollect my own

a tough lady by nature

bore so much love inside

never showed it out explicit

being an innate confidence

versatile and  a genius

took after her father

an architect par excellence

not in a way qualified

an administrator beyond imagination

not in a way qualified

a housewife  ahead of thoughts

not in a way qualified

a teacher strict to the core

not in a way qualified

lacked she in one aspect

could that be a minor one

it be the cooking skill

she never wanted to master

rather never attempted once in her life

the mother of mine is a straight woman

majestic and careful

walked with an air of pride

her eyes reflected her feeling

her hands excelled in sewing and knitting

the  embroidery was her speciality

grammar was her focus

punctuations  came first

she lived like a Queen

her bastion always in her hand

such a mother I was blessed to have

being so born in the earth

which too bears the honour of a mother

earth being the founder of all

a symbolic significance of patience and pride

all at the same time  and with the same demand perfectmoment

Love much Poetry such.

I Love You.

I love you

I love you all the more

I love you so much

I love you as such

I love you in a stretch

I love you with all my heart.

I love you with a great start.

I love you.

affable faith. Love piety Poetry

Devotion—- An Enormous Strength.

Hands folded he  prays

one stands and chants

the other kneels down

one another falls prostrates

each one does it in his own way

expressing his faith and devotion

piety is the base behind

with closed eyes and ardent feel

with  an enormous fervour he prays

devotion is that which comprises

faith and love, belief and trust

take him to  the realm of peace

where his mind rests without any  trouble

transcends into a place of bliss

forgets his turmoil for a while

communes with the Almighty.

If that be the devotion in a kind

where one loses himself  straight

the other form is the liking with all sincerity

not on work, but on people too

an attachment towards them with  respect

a feel could never be explained

a love steady and strong.

kindness Love Poetry sincerity truth

The Talk

Talk to me

with love and a feel

a great deal.

Talk to all

affably and with  all kindness

be the oneness.

Talk and talk

meaningful and with  great sincerity

be the stock.

Beauty fear. Love Poetry

Love Is Beauty

It is love

pure and pristine in beauty

fear to is beauty

interrupt Love Poetry

The Sunshine.

A lively day

call it any way

hot and sunny

enchanting and funny

like  to rush out

bask in the sun throughout

could not run though

as I interrupt the flow

I stay back for a while

move òut in style

look at the sun

it shines almost

without interval

be it referral

suppose to be

grand as it could be

love to stand for ĺong

could not bear it for long.

good Love measure memories. Poetry

The Father’s Day To Me.

It  is Father’s day

seem to me very different

we had in our days

no such events

yet we loved our fathers

did not tell them loudly

admiration and respect we had  together

nothing into the cloudy

it was a subtle appreciation

we nurtured  secretly in our minds

Father to us was a creation

with much authority in a kind

we nestled close to our mothers

fathers stood a little aside.

Coming to my father

his immaculate white attire

caught all eyes rather

never seen him in any other colour

not very tall in stature

posted a smile always

that  undoubtedly won over

the hearts of many in everyway

a  gentleman to the core

dynamic and impressive in posture

sported a  twinkle in his eyes

could write a beautiful brochure

about his routine and ways .

Anyhow I remember him today

not for his genoristy or love

the measure he adopted  in a way

especially towards me in a proof

had made me what I am today

independent and stern in attitude

let me end with good old memeories

as they alone would make anyone k6094394happy.

Christ. smile. hatred Love Poetry violence

Merry Christmas

Come every year the Christmas
a festival of candles
honouring the birth of Christ
a gesture in a way very amazing and sprite
a significance with all merits
that be not only a birthday of the Lord
but be a recapture of his faith and brand
a renewal of his teachings
a virtual celebration as it looks now
being a convenient escapism from the cult
Christianity preaches love and kindness
mercy and sympathy carry the impetus
violence and hatred never in the syllabus
tells us to embrace every soul with a lovely smile
that takes us with a distinction across the miles
Do we see such kindred spirit as of now?
Have to hunt for such souls through the brow.
That again is an exercise to no avail
Setting aside the mission for a while
Wishing all a Merry Christmas
and a Happy Nnew-merry-christmas-quotes lovers 2013ew Year.