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Devotion—- An Enormous Strength.

Hands folded he  prays

one stands and chants

the other kneels down

one another falls prostrates

each one does it in his own way

expressing his faith and devotion

piety is the base behind

with closed eyes and ardent feel

with  an enormous fervour he prays

devotion is that which comprises

faith and love, belief and trust

take him to  the realm of peace

where his mind rests without any  trouble

transcends into a place of bliss

forgets his turmoil for a while

communes with the Almighty.

If that be the devotion in a kind

where one loses himself  straight

the other form is the liking with all sincerity

not on work, but on people too

an attachment towards them with  respect

a feel could never be explained

a love steady and strong.

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The Magnificence Of Tulasi

Tulasi leaves are considered  holy

the small little leaves  they are

grow  on a  plant  not big

spread   a grace

send  an aroma pleasant

they, in my part of  the  land

are worshipped  with piety

by women  with  ardent devotion

tended with care in a pot

having elaborate designs

resemble a stupa like structure

every morn  the women water the plant

keep sindhoor and draw kolams

enhancing the divine charm

they perform an aarathi  with dedication

go around the stupa thrice  with eyes closed

prostrate before the Tulasi tulasi plant

a belief that has  been bequeathed by elders

followed by generation after generation

well, the basil gives prosperity to her devotees

that  be the magnificence of the plant

Kolam Poetry

Margali Maha Utsav

With Mid-December comes piety
the routine changes directly
an awake at the early hours
followed by a bath at the wee hours
a quick clean of the front yard
a draw of design in honour of the Lord
kolam as it is known all over
flowers at the middle exudes beauty.

The temples elicit a striking endear
the musical melody enhances the cheer
the diyas modestly throw a light dim
the priests chant the mantras in grim
divinity encircles the surround
devotion overwhelms in an abound
an experience of great enthrallment
Margali extends an exalted attainment.Kolam2_8

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Hail To Thee Meenakshi

The fish like eyes,

emit expressions,

sweet  and love .

cheer and passion,

grace and grandeur,

benign and beatitude.

The slender figure,

emulates thoughts,

high  and poignant,

grave and gracious,

kindred and reverence,

charm and rhapsody.

The smiling face,

stimulates intensity,

sheen and sensation,

piety and devotion.

profuse and promotion,

strength and sublimity.

A blessing hand,

warrants help

sincere and  extending,

noble and knowing,

promise and progress,

delight and discerning.

You are the creator,

You are the maker,

You are the  inspirer,

You are the impeller,

You are the leveller.

Ecstasy rants high,

Exhilaration scales  heights,

Endowment  rises  above,

Enthrallment breaks the mark,

Enticement blows over,

Envisaging  celestial glory.

“Meenakshi “cries the heart,

“Meenakshi” sings the voice,

“Meenakshi “folds the hands,

“Meenakshi “wells up the eyes,

“Meenakshi “permeates the soul.

Bestow your blessings,

Shower your kindness,

Inundate your spell,

Illuminate the spirit 

Unify the appeal

Unite all.




Meenakshi memudham

Meenakshi . presides over the temple city of Madurai, with excellent grandeur and exuberant charm.

 Once, you get near her shrine,you became ecstatic, you lose yourself in a reverie,you seem to feel light, you are totally mesmerised,you get diffused in her splendour,you become spellbound before her,you are animated,.

Such is the charm of Meenakshi.

She is a mother to her devotees.

A mother should be easily accessible to all.

Unfortunately, to get a darshan we have to wait in a long queue.or else buy  a 100RS ticket to get a free and close look at the Goddess .which is beyond the reach of many.

Will the authorities  take steps to make Meenakshi visible to all?,

The mundane commercial aspect spoils the gusto and tempo of reverberation.

Extricating ,from wordly thoughts, I hum the Kirtana

Meenakshi me mudham dehi,

mesakanngi raaja mathangi,

 Muthusami Dikshitar’s composition in raga Poorva kalyani, .

The resplendent charm of Meenakshi, is portrayed  in detail by the trinity of carnatic music

The eternal union of Meenaksh with Sundereswara,symbolises the  unification of jivaatma with parmatma,. It is a  seamless amalgamation of the individual with divinity.

Madurai is the abode of Meenakshi .”madurpuri nilaye manivalaye.”.


Navaratri Utsav.

India is gearing up for the Navaratri celeberations.

Nava is nine.

Ratri is Night.

Hinduism embraces tolerance, karma, piety,and moksha.

Epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha  elucidate the quint essential qualities of man..

Navarathri is dedicated to the Goddess

Goddess Laksmi patronises wealth and prosperity.

Intellect  and knowledge are attributed to Goddess Saraswathi.

Goddess Durga  or Kali is an epitome of bravery.

Dhanam,vidya, and Parakirama are the essentials for success.

They are praised,.

They are celebrated.

They are sanctified.

This navaratri utsav falls in the month of Purattasi, (mid september -mid october). after amamvasa or full moon day.

Art galleries, photo expositions are the trend of the day.

From Lore, dolls were displayed  in temples, in almost all households during the nine days.

Replicas of Gods and Goddess,figures of  saints, leaders,animals are artfully placed in the nine step artefact’.

These nine steps denote the nine nights.

Every day during dusk ,there is religious activities,and rejoicing.

Dias are lit,snacks are prepared and distributed.

Each guest is treated with great care.

A gift of sari, blouse piece, kumkum , glass bangles and flowers  are presented to the ladies.

Slokas and Keertanas invoking the deities are sung with  ardent fervour,.

On the tenth day ,the deities are taken in procession around the temple.

This day is aptly termed as Vijayadasami.

Vijaya  means victory.

Triumph to all who pray to Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Durga.

 Navaratri  is divinity  in grandeur