Lyricism is found  natural

no practice could sharpen or hone

it is  very intense and casual

both being  very chaste in tone


The expressions being spontaneous

words come out instantaneous

the mirth that surrounds with a veil

holds us breathless in a trail.


That piece of art over there

bids  you to look at them  with cheer

curiosity out bounds with a  glee

you perceive it with a mind free.


Be it a sculpture or a write

makes the heart rise up like a kite

up and up the thoughts fly

that which non money could buy.


Be that the lyricism I understand

where melody runs through in the band

the soul is stirred and turns ecstatic

while the  mellifluous overtakes the didactic.lyricism




Kolam Poetry

Margali Maha Utsav

With Mid-December comes piety
the routine changes directly
an awake at the early hours
followed by a bath at the wee hours
a quick clean of the front yard
a draw of design in honour of the Lord
kolam as it is known all over
flowers at the middle exudes beauty.

The temples elicit a striking endear
the musical melody enhances the cheer
the diyas modestly throw a light dim
the priests chant the mantras in grim
divinity encircles the surround
devotion overwhelms in an abound
an experience of great enthrallment
Margali extends an exalted attainment.Kolam2_8


Hey ! Normal Day

The day with a peculiarity 

not one with the day-to-day

very different from the daily

that being one of an event

might sound very odd and silly

but it being true and genuine

the wake up for the day

being very early before sunrise

when still there being a little darkness


with the sun seen nowhere

it is an experience by itself

having the early morn for yourself

with none to share the bliss

not even the birds being out

nor any sign of human movement

with the dogs after the vigil

sleeping pretty heavy in the porch

a delightful ecstasy it is

and having been alive for so long

this day becomes unusually important

with beautiful interpretation

that could be better felt than expressed. early morning


The Temple On A Hill

The temple  stood atop on a hill

seemed very ancient and still

with devotees going up and down

while an elephant stood on the ground

with her caretaker  standing next

who made her salute  everyone  in best

just for the money the passers-by give

making the huge animal small  in a live

this is how the animal is made to win its bread

with that the caretaker also goes in a tread

as such the temple is known for its heritage

people throng during the festival  in stages

making it glimmer and shine all the  more

sending signals of strength  and fortitude  even more

as the devotees get around in terms dizzy

seeking the blessings of the ruling deities  with ecstasy

signifying that people  do have indefatigable faith

even in these days where  technology  gets ahead straight.Kundrakudi2elephant










Actions analogue Poem

Poetry –Ecstasy And Mundane

mundaneEcstasy is an exhilaration
away from logical reason
far away from experiences common.

If ecstasy alone goes to make poetry
the poem would be an offing of incredibility
bordering on surrealism undoubtedly.

Poetry is emotion and feeling spontaneous
that had undergone a cycling rigorous
expressed with tune and tone delicious..

Happenings presented in a plain current
are prosaic and dull exposing a brunt
being a matter of fact without any adherent.

Incidents sung with little add ups
of colour and rhyme to top up
go to make up poetry in a gallop.

That which is mundane
could be made poetically sane
with rhythm in the refrain.

As poetry is the song of the heart
ecstasy and mundane set about
keying in an imaginative support.

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A Baby Sleeps

A little baby is lying in a cradle,

 She is making  noises in a babble,

Her cries are calls a little feeble,

She mostly lets out a giggle.


The baby is like a dainty rose,

Tiny appears her fingers and toes,

Her face enlightens all those,

Her smile ensues a lovely glow.


Soon her eyes gently close,

She sucks her thumb in a doze,

  As her charm increasingly grows,

Opening out to all an ecstatic source.


It is a pleasure to see her sleep,

Her light slumber is not deep,

She gets startled at a tiny beep,

Forcing a stealthy silence in a creep.


Peeping over the cradle for long,

Sends a tranquil vibration all along,

Sets the mind at peace not wrong,

Makes the heart sing a merry song.


It is a pleasure unexplainable,

It is a leisure unfathomable,

Oh!Is not my verse lovable?

Nay,it is the  way the baby sleeps  is enjoyable.