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A Break From The Routine.

A break is indeed what I require

a stop  temporary would help

not very much I do in a routine

yet I feel the fatigue very much.


If tiredness sets in for a person like me

imagine what  could be the state for those

who toil and work from morn to night

I am a no way comparison to them.


If I am so exhausted as I experience

my well being could be a question

nothing undesirable could be found

yet I need  a break from what little I do.


Could it be to a monotony  in the run?

Could it be due to age  in the years?

Could it be to a cause unknown?

I really  am not able to catch up.










An Anticipation

With that goes the short sojourn
there be a winding up in the morn
a push out from the place
to a destination of grace
this be a monthly affair
a thorough up and down fare
the energy gets sapped by the move
a depleted weakness is there to prove
that is how life has been for me
travel that does not cause any glee
instead holds me with a pinch
silently borne with a twinge
have to endure for reasons best known
tolerated for my children in great tone.
By this if they gain immensely
my sacrifice would have a meaning naturally.
Wish this ordeal gets over in a short time
so that I could repose with a good chime.
Hope my prayers should be answered quickly
an anticipation loaded with great anxiety.

Hey ! Normal Day

The day with a peculiarity 

not one with the day-to-day

very different from the daily

that being one of an event

might sound very odd and silly

but it being true and genuine

the wake up for the day

being very early before sunrise

when still there being a little darkness


with the sun seen nowhere

it is an experience by itself

having the early morn for yourself

with none to share the bliss

not even the birds being out

nor any sign of human movement

with the dogs after the vigil

sleeping pretty heavy in the porch

a delightful ecstasy it is

and having been alive for so long

this day becomes unusually important

with beautiful interpretation

that could be better felt than expressed. early morning

The Regular Stream

Getting into the stream
is but not one of my dream
getting away from the routine
has been always my fit in
a break from the day-to-day
a fly away from the stay
a sail from the float
a dash from the bloat
has been a venture
that brings an adventure
one of thrill and excitement
that of interest and  enticement
With that in mind
I desire to go away
get out straightaway
from the mad world
as it is seen bold
that be my look out
that be my  wish throughout. 

A Delight So

It is a day of deviation
want to be away in action
not of the usual involvement
but in the different environment
away from the daily routine’
mucdownload (22)h away into the setting
where there is no pressure
where there is only leisure
with no receipt and payment
only there be entertainment
mostly forgetting who I am?
It has begun so and remains so
hope it would continue also
leaving me in a refreshment
releasing a delightful sentiment.

The Day And Night.

With the din and dust settling in
the day withdraws under the sea.
There being nothing more to thin
the city became closer to the lazy tree

The lights come out in yellow and white
making the city glow with illumination
the sound and music fill up the night
creating a noise of great denomination

Men and women gather in dining places
eating out with the family once in a way
spending much money on food of orient traces
allowing the children spend some time gay.

Returning home they go to bed
with the fortune spent on dining out
the man counting his shillings instead
the woman winding up in a fashion stout.

The night is almost half over
with dropping eyes they dosun peeps sleep
thinking of nothing in the hang over
as the sun rises into a gentle peep.

A Routine Unlikely.

There being a strain of running here and there
driving up in the morn
coming down in the evening
with a light lunch in between
walking through the whole area
while the sun is shining bright
right over the head letting out a scorch
engaging in picking up loose fruits
then counting the bigger ones
overseeing that they be loaded without any miss
going behind the lorry to the weigh bridge
getting the fruits weighed properly
returning to follow the same routine.64746809_83f7ca751c
Well, this has been happening for the past few years
sapping the energy and draining the health
leaving me a faint fatigued being
I am now a ghost of what I had been earlier
looking tired and sun burnt with lifeless eyes