The Still Night.

The still night

dark and cold

nothing in sight

forces a fold.


The night induces

a sleep so sound

no dreams to deduce

none to be found.


The dreamless sleep

so peaceful in a relax

involves an ease deep

lowers the cold in a coax.


With the blankets over

the warmth prompts a lull

the eyes no longer hover

diffuses the feel dull.


An overnight slumber

with a refreshing sequel

lands you in an envious aplomb

as the mind rests in a tranquil.still night.






Governance invincible. Poetry

Governance Nature.

The morning breaks so fast 

while the evening folds so late

that be the day in cast

as the hours pass in a rate

with the morn opening up with the darkness

and the night closing down with the brightness

it is absolutely man-made

not to blame on Nature as such

it plays the role perfect and ready made

Man sets his clock ahead for reasons known clock

might be also unknown to most

as the governance takes the upper hand

and thinks it is above all very invincible.

day night Poetry

Dark As it Holds—-8

day and night

Strange it would be

dark does caress and lift

a dark phase in life

could be a bad one

a dark man out there

need not be bad

the night  is dark

hosts  slumber in all

sleep is a  big deal

great in general feel

could be told of light

the light bothers and strains

the fair man amongst us

will not be just and fair

the day is bright

beholds crimes many

work all day is fine

a little rest gives a shine

Well, that be the thoughts

light and dark alternate

making day and night

they definitely moderate

themes good and bad

they do not have inhibitions

they occupy the space

they are a fit challenge

one vying in a combat.


The Night Watchman Again

The night watchman he is

say  that he sits with eyes  open

I have a one at home

who sits with half-closed eyes

starts to nod as the hours fly

snores loud as the midnight come

sleeps full as the wee hours descend

turns alert at the rise of dawn

stands cheerful and smart in the morn

Well! a duty bound officer in charge

pleased to have one with a fair charge

a figure in the watchman’s robe

a ploy to show off the house is secure

a note of vanity in me well explained.



The Dark Night.

Into the night
there is a dazzle
that which catches the eye
a gleam thoroughly beautiful
sat there wondering
how awesome the darkness is.

In amazement I watch the stillness
how long I stood there
I really do not know
Yet it was an exhilaration
that could be felt all the more
by just gazing at the sky.dark_knight_legacy_h_2013


Too Early

It was too early
three in the morning
sleeping soundly with no dreams fairly
with the night still intense and dark ranging
got a call from an unknown land
the ring going on for a minute in length
a long one breaking the stillness in a disband
reluctantly got up from the bed without strength
answered the call still sleepy and eyes closed
could not identify the caller with a force
who spoke of publishing in detail notes
knowing not what she was telling in course
politely told her it is too early for me
both to listen and respond exactly
with that my sleep bade farewell
leaving me lie down looking at the ceiling dreadfully.early


The Doors Screech.

The night being still

with a darkness so intense

no stars found in the sky

with the waning moon

seen very slight

on the whole there being

a stillness and chill

evolving a fright  and fear

as darkness always shows

an apprehension and scare

holding his breath he moved

hastening without a noise

stealthily moved into the house

which was totally dark

where none lived for long

opened the door gently

there rung an alarm

resonating all through

waking the people around

who rushed in with lights

the man knowing not what to do

ran inside the house

where the doors screeched

and the windows croaked

he went straight ahead

knocked himself down

and lay there dead

with his jaws wide open.

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The Synonyms.


The sultry and humidity  that work together
the bubbles and fume that go up together
the light and shine that glow together
the night and darkness that exist together
there being a togetherness all the most
that bring a fraternity in the streak
and show a friendly ambience in the tweak
proposing an ambience of goodwill and harmony
there lying a cordiality and warmth of kinship
that which is the most crucial indulgence
wrapping up the peaceful coexistence of man and animal
closing up the neat survival of mammals and birds
choosing a lovely understanding between birds and reptiles
that becoming translucent in the environment around us.


A Starry Night.

It being a starry night

with the darkness covered tight

the flickering of the moon

and twinkling of the stars soon

showed up as a lovely sight

with the illuminated night

sparkling with a gusto and light

while the chilliness of the season

lent  charm with a reason

sending an enamoured  fervour

along with a rapturous   ardostarry nightur

as I sat on my ease chair

gazing at the spectacular fair.





The Day Out

Day in and day out
go the years out
with the decided fall out
where men go out
searching for a living out and out
while children venture out
wanting to learn in and out
where the  sun comes  out
filling the world with light throughout
and naturally it goes out
plunging  the world in darkness out and out
the rain failing in a time out
causing a famine and drought
with the wind blowing fiercely in a rage out
destroying the environment in a fall out
the fire with a fury breaks out
ranging across causing a rout
with that the day comes to an ending all stout

where nothing lies firm and decided in a knock out.article-2389280-1B3BAC54000005DC-425_634x460