The Synonyms.


The sultry and humidity  that work together
the bubbles and fume that go up together
the light and shine that glow together
the night and darkness that exist together
there being a togetherness all the most
that bring a fraternity in the streak
and show a friendly ambience in the tweak
proposing an ambience of goodwill and harmony
there lying a cordiality and warmth of kinship
that which is the most crucial indulgence
wrapping up the peaceful coexistence of man and animal
closing up the neat survival of mammals and birds
choosing a lovely understanding between birds and reptiles
that becoming translucent in the environment around us.

Actions Environment thoughts turmoil

Meaningless Plight.

I gaze at the ratio,

Cars ply up and down

Bikes expel fumes brown,

The honking is deafening,

The thoroughfare is burdening,

The environment has  dealing,

The carbon emission is suffocating,

Where do they go? I wonder,

What for ? I ponder,

The  activity extends to midnight,

It looks to me a meaningless plight.