Poetry thoughts

Like a Sheep

The woods are dark and deep

remain aloof from the whirl

not a sound nor a beep

could be heard in the twirl.


The darkness and stillness

send an awe down the spine

could be a cause of denseness

they signal a caution in the line.


The random roar  of the lion

the far away chatter of the monkeys

the tweets of birds in the line

added by the bray of donkeys.


These tweets and touts  as heard

fall shallow into the wilderness

cross, not the boundaries in a nerd

seem to be insignificant in the  quietness.


The woods are dark and deep

as there are nothing to reap

being hard for one to peep

lies as quiet as a sheep.









darkness Poem

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Am I afraid of the dark?
never, quoth I with pride
dark is a bliss
when one can hear a hiss
it preempts a fear
never so to me dear.

The scary darkness as all say
is one not of gay
I relish in its silence
revel in its dissonance
darkness has its own glory
yet all condemn it with fury.

I lie in the darkness
with memories of past
one by one they go on a show
the long back comes in very slow
the lessons I learn
checks me with a discern.

sleep and darkness go well
they complement one another
as darkness sets in
the eyelids close in
slumber overwhelms to a death status
the conscious turns dormant in phases.

Theft and murder happen in darkness
a common belief all so ever
darkness hides the wrongdoer
never do I vouchsafe for this terror
evils take place in broad daylight
the men pass without casting a sight.

I am an advocate of darkness
I deny its allegiance to illicit
I admire its loveliness
the black sky renders a greatness
I might be a quixotic being to you
yet to me the darkness is best to view.

Darkness relates to many attributions
it being a benefactor to most
lovers huddle together in proximity
darkness gives them the wanted privacy
the child nudges and cuddles on to the mother
the birds nestle close under their feathers.

To be in the dark, an idiomatic expression
illustrates the ignorance in a strength
little does it know that darkness illumines
dark is an associate of calmness determines
an incongruity and a paradox ruminate
the explicitness is in the real frame
darkness puts radiance to a shame.

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law Poetry

Dark As it Holds–10

The dark as it unfolds

enters not very bold

comes with a look cold

as the light gets on board

with its paraphernalia  on-road

the take off assumes a grandeur

as the sun slowly descends at yonder

the yellowish red hue keeps one in rapture

the picturesque moment is one to capture

the dark meekly comes into the horizon

timid and fearful all without reason

a thickness enwraps the  zone

where nothing could penetrate even in tone

the rigidity extends a qualm and a soreness

 down the spine travels the bitter chilliness

the feeling around is one of unfriendliness

yet the earth is punctuated by light and darkness

Be that  the law of nature elucidating  a significance


Life Poetry

Dark As It Holds—9

With the darkness around

being impenetrable  and dense

light is a rarity not to be tracked

negotiating the way through

signals fear and strife

yet it is an adventure  to cross

the sea of darkness

that be in life and death

all simultaneously in a stroke

one who wins in life

loses himself in death

could be the other way round

as life and death are correlated

Digital StillCamera


Dark As it Holds —7

They say dark is  clandestine

it is they claim one of disdain

Whatever be its indemnity

all in its  entity

assumes an apprehension

 seems as a hallucination

discard not the darkness as frivolous

it is but vast and enormous

the darkness persists steadfastly

dissipating the clamour is beyond  task

be it in the mind as abstract

be it in real as intact

dark holds a validity

could be that of any impunity

accept it with grace

it will pass off without a trace.


axis Poetry rotates

Dark As it Holds —- 4

What then holds value?

cosmos turns a zero

man is null and void

Hands of God rule with authority

man rotates on his own axis in concentric

all with a selfish desire

goes in a circular mode entire

the start reaches the end

the end comes back to the start

around and around he  revolves

thinking of himself alone

that be the darkness in stroll

as we go through the scroll.


mystic Poetry

Dark As it Holds -3

If sleep be the case

would descend in phase

with or without light

slumber folds one slight

when at work or at ease

it might sound a tease

sleep is also a mystic

when at travel or at static

sleep does connote

a long one in the note

where eternity is a float

while darkness enters

without any falter

ensuring a conclusion

endorsing a no return

a defesleepnce of darkness

seems a cry in a wilderness.

dark Poetry Wisdom

Dark As It Holds

Dark is a feature  not to fear
a colour  not so dear
dark when seen near
throws one out of gear
that be the review of dark
when the dogs bark
could not hear the lark
mind you it also rocks
as the night life rambles
many indulge in gambles
it might be a preamble
it might also look a stumble
Well, for every coin they say
there are two sides in a way
dark holds a bewilder
it also creates a  divider
from the known to the unknown
as against wisdom and ignorancedark


To See The Best.

It is a day serene

the sky, not in a  sheen

grey and black at times

there being no chime

the  sun sits back quiet

not involved in anything tight

the clouds are dark and intense

hover they with a fight in a sense

a mislead to a night in trace

Well,  in turn that is a sure base

it  seems so destitute and silent

as I sit with a gaze in a trident

my mind is heavily bent

it does suffer a serious dent.

Lo! my eyes  need a rest

to see all the best.



The Dark Night.

Into the night
there is a dazzle
that which catches the eye
a gleam thoroughly beautiful
sat there wondering
how awesome the darkness is.

In amazement I watch the stillness
how long I stood there
I really do not know
Yet it was an exhilaration
that could be felt all the more
by just gazing at the sky.dark_knight_legacy_h_2013