Poetry thoughts

Like a Sheep

The woods are dark and deep

remain aloof from the whirl

not a sound nor a beep

could be heard in the twirl.


The darkness and stillness

send an awe down the spine

could be a cause of denseness

they signal a caution in the line.


The random roar  of the lion

the far away chatter of the monkeys

the tweets of birds in the line

added by the bray of donkeys.


These tweets and touts  as heard

fall shallow into the wilderness

cross, not the boundaries in a nerd

seem to be insignificant in the  quietness.


The woods are dark and deep

as there are nothing to reap

being hard for one to peep

lies as quiet as a sheep.










A Quiet Life As Such.

the-quiet-life-06-holiday-lookbook-1-06.jpgFriendless and foeless

he lives in a land  remote

knows none that much

a quiet life as such.


Not bothersome or worrisome

he lives in a land remote

all to himself as much

a quiet life as such.


Graceful and wonderful

he lives in a land remote

with poise as much

a quiet life as such.


Never inquisitive nor a detective

he lives in a land remote

with no curiosity as much

a quiet  life as such.


Trouble free and  carefree

he lives in a land remote

with no burden as much

a quiet life as such.








Quiet As My Mother

I am in the midst of a crowd

where all speak loud

I talk not  very much

a silent spectator as such

I feel fish out of water

I am my mother’s daughter

she spoke not much in her days

only  few words was  her  way

she was at ease with a very few

my father  called  them in queue

nothing could change her till the end

so am I like her all the more in a trlike-mother-like-daughter-invader-zim-fancharacters-20907688-900-670end








The Reveal

Truly to say

I do not get along

I like to move in a way

very quiet and calm.

That way no none likes

as actions always count

the feverish show I dislike

remain observant and silent.

An ill fit I could be

where all move with a frenzy

alternated by hurry and glee

stay gentle with a smile.

This could be a provoke

when there is incessant gossip

going around  without a revoke

refrain from any invoke.

Well, that is what I am

reserved and not among the crowd

a spectator I am

soft and unperturbed all through.

The reveal I make of myself

is not of importance to anyone

as I am to myself

insignificant in the milieu silent


Me, Without A Clue

Think for a while

quoth my mother in style

I was upset in a way

things have gone astray

Lo! my mother interrupts

her wisdom disturbs.

Have I been ever rash?

there I see a flash

It is but foolish

I had not spoken my wish

It is my silence all through

rash it is in terms true

quietness is an arrogance

considered also as an irreverence

Well! that is me through and through

always to myself without a clue

the same to  those far and near

even to my mother so dear.



The Lady I Admire.

 The heart turns  heavy 

the head revolves in a kind

 tears flow down freely

 as news of death came at noon

a woman of great strength 

stored everything in mind

 no word drops out  in  a hurry 

that be her forte 

 lived so long so

 with tempers under control

 spoke a few times when necessary

 silence most of the period  

 a lady of great capability 

 not on to university 

  a scholar by experience

 sober and sullen she lived

 quiet and dignified  she passed away

 this day  of the month at early morn

 daughters all around her in togetherness

 hope her mandate would  go down

 to her progeny without a break

would funeral raise her flag with pride

 though  her breath has sunk down

her spirit lives all around

 a kindly light has taken its flight

 God be with her always!




A Few Maxims

Observation is better than participation .

Precision  takes over unwieldy extension.

Quality wins high against quantity.

Sincerity  surpasses  infidelity.

Quietness excels noise

Well these are  the choices

that are thrown open to us

taking the right without fuss

would lead us to success

not in a fast process

but in a gradual note

that in short

takes us across

without tremendous loss.silence is golden









Noisy And Quiet —— Haiku

dog_barkingSaw a dog
barking at everyone on road
looked very bold.

Saw another one
sitting quiet in a corner
seemed a loner.

A stone hurled
made the first one run
the other remained.

subscriptions thoughts

Let Me Tell You.

Oh! let me tell you,

What to do?

When you are angry,

Be quiet .



Oh ! let me tell you,

What to do ?

When you are sad,

Be quiet.



Oh ! let me tell you,

what to do?

When you are jostled,

Be quiet.


Oh ! let me tell you,

What to do ?

When you are sulky,

Be quiet.



Oh! let me tell you ,

What to do?

When you are  tired,

Be quiet.




Oh! let me tell you,

What to do?

when you are happy,

Be quiet.





Oh! let me tell you,

What to do ?

When you are excited ,

Be quiet.





Oh! let me tell you,

What to do?

When you are enthusiastic,

Be quiet.

Quietness has its plus,

Which silently excels all else,

So , let me tell you,

To be quiet all through.