Me, Without A Clue

Think for a while

quoth my mother in style

I was upset in a way

things have gone astray

Lo! my mother interrupts

her wisdom disturbs.

Have I been ever rash?

there I see a flash

It is but foolish

I had not spoken my wish

It is my silence all through

rash it is in terms true

quietness is an arrogance

considered also as an irreverence

Well! that is me through and through

always to myself without a clue

the same to  those far and near

even to my mother so dear.


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The Story of a Family.

It was only  few years back,

The  family’s going was good ,

The pride was  extremely high,

The cheer was delightfully great,

Naturally, its arrogance was exorbitant.


The family made  a loud show off,

A gross vanity was  directly found,

A rudeness was  always practised,

A  total disrespect to all was shown,

Its  impudence was  absolutely unbearable.


Today the scenario has changed,

The progress has been stalled by their insincerity,

Their prosperity has eroded considerably,

Their  prestige has been lost effectively

Still they have not  realised the reality.


It is a pity to see the family ,

Facing a loss of enormous wealth

Seeing its vast properties auctioned,

Experiencing an untold misery and shame,

Still unable to accept the fault which they committed.


Examining the plight of the family straight,

Traced the folly of the person at the helm,

It was an unmindful expansion all through,

Neatly setting aside a sizeable portion for him,

Landing the business in an unprecedented  debacle.


The team of husband and wife strove hard,

Built an empire by thoughtful moves,

Engaged themselves in philanthropic activities,

Handed everything to one son by love or ploy ,

Saw the whole thing crash like a pack of cards.


Favouring a  part of their  own family most,

Shelling out a  fruitful fraction to the other part,

Taking away mercilessly what was given from one child,

Making her languish in disappointment and tears,

Caused the family to suffer immensely.







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Circular Mapping

The impudence of the kin,

The arrogance of the kith,

The  disregard of the near,

The disdain of the dear,

Lasts  not for a year.


They change with the seasons,

Cold is their feeling in Winter,

Friendly is their attitude in Summer,

Endearing is their advance in Spring,

Indifferent is their thought for autumn


They vary with periods of the day,

Pose a smile in the morn,

Look displeased in the afternoon,

Express a sneer in the evening.

Ensue a threat in the night.


Their  endearing and exuberance  persuade

Their shrug and shriek dissuade,

Their jibes and vile intrude

Their provocation and condescension delude,

The mind ,thought and whatever not.


Ever be ready to attack them

Not with weapons but with words,

Let them be scathing and sticky,

Conducting a hurt so brutal and  poignant.

Befitting their taunts and tantrums



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It Is Transitory

Leaves bloom in a lovely green hue,

Thick and dense in a clasping cue,

Spreading a canopy of shade ,

Providing a glittering like jade,

Only to fall in days few.



The rain fed rivers flow gently,

Through the pebbles and moss gracefully,

Carrying with them  alluvial soil  across

Enriching the fields as they cross,

Only to get into the ocean mildly.



Man lives with pomp and merry,

Arrogant and towering over all in glory,

Dictating terms to everyone with  serpentine authority,

Destroying one and all with diabolical  impetuosity

Only to get interred in dust shortly

It is as explicit as ever,

That which is born cannot live forever,

That which takes place will   fade

Be it beautiful or ugly,good or bad,

All would drop down in  a wither.

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A Defiance

Defiance is a rarity  these days,

As the going is  easy always,

Enabling a free movement  all through,

With a less  problematic move,

Pleasing to all .


Defiance is alarming to most,

As acceptance is a toast,

Keeping everyone in good mood ,

With a disguised affectation all too good,

Pleasant to all.



Defiance is condemned  by almost all,

As though it is an  irrational call,

An action much-needed during terms of inconsistency,

Raising the voice at periods of insurgency,

 Is displeasing  to all.


Defiance is detested by the majority,

As though  it affects the priority,

A resistance much required against arrogance,

Boldly desisting the partial preference,

Is unpleasant to all.


Defiance is a rightful tool double-edged .

Prescribed  to ward off discriminations pledged,

To be used with delicate ,careful  serenity

An unexpected move would invite  unfathomable trinity,

Of violence , war, and bloodshed.