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The Gender

Equality is the word most pronounced these days.

Men and women are equal in all ways.

This in reality is only a say.


Men still rule high though with a prolapse.

They set aside their ominous lapse.

They walk  with pride even in a collapse.


Women still toil in profound silence.

They brush aside every offence.

They are expected not to raise their voice in defence.


Men are not any better than the women.

In truth women  fare well than men.

The fact which provokes all men.


Women strive for excellence.

Perfection is their preference.

They interact  with lot of sense.


Women rule with an iron hand.

Their executions are always grand.

They add the charm to the band.


There is slipshod in their stance.

There are breaks and falls by chance.

That do not disqualify them from our glance.


Appreciation is what they require.

Scathing criticism they do not desire.

Their enthusiasm is a lovely fire.


Men and women are entwined in life.

They go ahead together in strife.

Living graciously as man and wife.







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Calling it Off

The Confluence in Malaysia diverges in incoherence,

The Family meet 2011 deems a fundamental reference, .
We were carried away by enthusiastic indulgence,
Landing us on a plane of irreconcilable inference,
We ,the hosts ,move ahead with a sense of imminence,
Signalling a call off to regain our pride and preference.

Anyhow, honorable Karumuttus,

To those who have responded,
We express our remorse  defended,
To those who have calls scheduled,
We wish them success alluded,.
To those who have travels precluded ,
We wish them pleasure and Reunion colluded.

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A Defiance

Defiance is a rarity  these days,

As the going is  easy always,

Enabling a free movement  all through,

With a less  problematic move,

Pleasing to all .


Defiance is alarming to most,

As acceptance is a toast,

Keeping everyone in good mood ,

With a disguised affectation all too good,

Pleasant to all.



Defiance is condemned  by almost all,

As though it is an  irrational call,

An action much-needed during terms of inconsistency,

Raising the voice at periods of insurgency,

 Is displeasing  to all.


Defiance is detested by the majority,

As though  it affects the priority,

A resistance much required against arrogance,

Boldly desisting the partial preference,

Is unpleasant to all.


Defiance is a rightful tool double-edged .

Prescribed  to ward off discriminations pledged,

To be used with delicate ,careful  serenity

An unexpected move would invite  unfathomable trinity,

Of violence , war, and bloodshed.












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It Is A Long Story

It is a long story ,

Full of  events ,

Packed with contents,

Annotated with pretence,

Quoted with reference,

Narrated with preference,

Listened with inference,

Enjoyed with deference,

Passed on with credence,

Calling for an observance,

Testing the indulgence,

Finally creating a performance,

Of delight and diligence,

Accosted by a gorgeous appease,

Solicited by a courteous inhibition,

Oh ! it is going to places,

Oh ! it is a marvel of words,

It is indeed a grand story ,

Though long and crazy.