It Was A War.

A war I witnessed a few hours back

it happened just before me  in a  wink

should I call it a war with a tact?

could it be one with a link?

was fought with such force

no gunshots or military around




was a chase and a flight in the course

the battle being mainly in the ground

one flying up and down with a spite

the other running here and there in fear

the flyer  caused a flutter without a respite

the  runner tried to escape as its life being dear

I stood long with my heart going out to the meek

well, the battle continued for more than an hour

I walked away totally exhausted and felt weak

well, it was a war not between nations as ever

it was a ravenous crow chasing a bony squirrel

with too much of an intensity  in the hot afternoon.







The Words Incite.

Words play a role
with an expectation
and an anticipation.
Words bring in unity
and a quarrel and in fight
with a slight deviant.
the approach is vital
and the talk is essential
to harmonize in sequel..
With words peace could be brought.
Treaties could be signed
in one direction.
With the same words
war could erupt.
Terrorism could spread
in the other direction.
The word play is great
with the pun and an alliteration
with a satire and slander
with metaphor and simile.
All get ahead in a row
to make the words incite.peace treaty


One Step Back.

Cimages (13)hildren fight for things they want
and if they do not get it
they enter it blows
making the whole unpleasant.

Adults do it more subtly
or shall I say most crudely too
by killing and murdering
the opponent in cold blood.

So do the nations
by warring with each other
over some transactions
losing many innocent lives.

A patience or a tolerance
let it be anything
step aside and see
you would find a resolution.

Blows by children
murder by adults.
and war by nations
would be not there.

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A Defiance

Defiance is a rarity  these days,

As the going is  easy always,

Enabling a free movement  all through,

With a less  problematic move,

Pleasing to all .


Defiance is alarming to most,

As acceptance is a toast,

Keeping everyone in good mood ,

With a disguised affectation all too good,

Pleasant to all.



Defiance is condemned  by almost all,

As though it is an  irrational call,

An action much-needed during terms of inconsistency,

Raising the voice at periods of insurgency,

 Is displeasing  to all.


Defiance is detested by the majority,

As though  it affects the priority,

A resistance much required against arrogance,

Boldly desisting the partial preference,

Is unpleasant to all.


Defiance is a rightful tool double-edged .

Prescribed  to ward off discriminations pledged,

To be used with delicate ,careful  serenity

An unexpected move would invite  unfathomable trinity,

Of violence , war, and bloodshed.












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A Tirade

Wage a tirade,

Against injustice,

Wage a tirade ,

Against inequality,

Wage a tirade .

Against treachery,

Wage a tirade,

Against bribery,

Wage a tirade ,

Against manipulation,

Wage a tirade,

Against contempt,

Wage a tirade

Against mockery,

Wage a tirade

Against  inefficiency,

Wage a tirade,

Against corruption,

Wage a tirade,

Against sorcery,

Wage a tirade ,

Against malpractice,

Wage a tirade,

Against adulteration,

Wage a tirade ,

Against hoarding.

Wage a tirade ,

Against greed,

Wage a tirade,

Against misappropriation,

Wage a tirade,

Against self conceit,

Wage a tirade,

Against breach of trust,

Wage a tirade ,

Against unbridled anger,

Wage a tirade ,

Against untempered behaviour,

Wage a tirade

Against crude attacks,

Wage a tirade,

Against harsh language.

Wage a tirade ,

Against  atrocity,

Wage a tirade ,

unmindful of victory,

Unnerved by insurgence,

Unaffected by pitfalls,

Unmoved by reaction.

A little reformation,

A small correction,

Bring a big  renaissance.