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An Old School

I am from an old school

idioms, phrases and expressions

were taught with intensity

years have passed

still I remember them.


The voices of my teachers reverberate

they made us expand the idioms

use our imagination

strike a story and go ahead

they would say.


The way we learnt the language

with exercises on conjugation

precis, paraphrase, and analysis

of sentences all in detail

has made me what I am.


I owe the language to them

to my mother who was equally  strict

a slip here or a misspelt word

would earn a punishment.

It was a hard way of learning

it has its  own reward.





Man is born with all faculties

all perfect in their place

he lives in  splendour all through the days

if he is a man of a status and of caste

he is pushed to the nadir each and every day

if he comes from an ordinary family and  of caste

caste denotes high and low

status comprises the money and matter.





Toys for genre

boys and girls do wonder

altogether in asunder


New in kin

the latest one of “Shopkins”

being a figurine.


Being an inch

both of height and width

with a face .


Bright in colours

candy bar,apple and cookies

topics being grocery.


Rave among girls

could make many a tale

shopkins.jpg a money spinner.







An Image For My Poetry.

Like to develop an image

brand image for  my poetry.

Like to stand out from the rest.

Possibly a best in the category.

Like to give a personal touch.

It would be an exceptional read

very unique and  and attractive

It would be reasonably priced

the cover would be illustrative.

I require publications known

wish to take up the project

being written by an unknown

I wish to see my poems in print

not want to go with self publishing

Hope one day my poems would find a day

would be read across the world

seeking a resource and a way

with the never dying desire  to publish

I write day in and day out with a relish.






A Drift Of The Soul

The move frequent

sets a trend  of  disassociation

comprises a belonging

being nowhere .


A shift so often

delivers a state of  indifference

deciphers a characteristic

of not so an attachment.


A here and there living

releases an insecurity

registers not a continuity

a drift of the soul.