Write I

Write I with nothing in mind

at times it is empty words

most times being empty thoughts

I write with as though I am great

Knowing well I would not be  read

that is how I spend my time

never bothered about the clock’s chimes.empty words


The Clock Chimes

The clock chimes

eight time it sounds

being the time

when everyone is bound

be it the morning

where there be a rush

so be it in the evening

could be a hush

the clock chimes all through

fails only when it is not in order

prompt and punctual all through

howard-miller-grandfather-clock-chimes-and-strikes-two-minutes-early-21315263 a call could be termed as a recorder.





The Cuckoo Clock Oscillates

The clock before me oscillates  to and fro

sullen and sober it is indeed

the movement is in perfect flow

right and left it goes in a  lead

the clock performs with the perfection

at one point it loses its exactness

at times gains minutes  infractions

at other loses hours  in tardiness

a winding  at the least corrects its run

or a repair at the most sets it right

lest it climbs into the attic  be no fun

as one of the old unused ones out of sight

sure, it might one-day jump from above

and surface with a demand unknown

as antiques command great value  in glow

this one a fifty years from now

would fetch a fortune to my cuckoo clockchildren

who would think of me for a moment

when they count the dollars in earnest.


Random Ramblings –

Eating at times

proper and at regular intervals

brings healthy chimes.


Chimes strike great

with spontaneity and lively tunes

if rung  right.


Ringing at  hours

the clock suffers  an infractioneating at times

stopping at covers


With a stop

there emerges a fall out

that  rushes atop.



There over atop

could see a big  world

without a full stop.

Actions Age Clock

The Clock– Haiku

grandfather_clock_1The clock stood
in grandeur bur without running
called grandfather’s.

Actions Anger authority Enrichment Environment Evolution Interpretation kill Perfidy Poem Poet Sly sneer Theory thoughts threat. turmoil

The Three Dimensions.

Round and round goes the clock.

It is a rotation of its little hands.

Round and round goes the earth.

It is a revolution on its own axis.


Round and round goes the Man.

It is a movement to circulate physically.

Round  and round he craves in.

It is a motion to spread slander.


The clock shows time in precision.

Enacting day and night in decision.

The earth extends to life  a bounty

Enlivening  men and animals  to a dainty.


Man breeds enmity  in a concealed security.

He nurtures vengeance in a confided intimacy.

Killing one another is his  discreet strategy.

Annihilating the existence in totality.




Actions Experience Governance Lesson Life melancholy Poem subscriptions thoughts True

Round The Clock.

The work  is round the clock.

It goes  smooth without a block.

It is  lively beyond the lock.

It is diligently  enrolled into a flock.


Thoughts go  round and round the clock.

They gather strongly through  the rock.

They never assume a  deriding mock.

They oscillate  stealthily in a tick tock.

They drive towards a  legitimate dock.


The results show  publicly round the clock.

Some  signify a joyous stock.

Some  also denote a sad stalk.

They propose  an acceptance without a shock.

They incessantly revolve round the entire talk.


The world is governed by the clock.

Actions  occur in an ad hoc.

The living is through an interlock.

Disaster creeps in when anything goes  anti clock.

A facile move instills a glorious knock.