Poetry revolves. rotates

The Earth On Its Own Axis

The Earth  goes on in  round bt2lf0209_afz

could not hear any sound

it rotates  and revolves

day and night evolve

some days are bright

a beautiful sight

others are gloomy

sombre and balmy

the nights in their place

go pitch dark on days

call it the new moon days

becomes dazzling and sizzling

address it as the full moon intoxicating

well that way the earth goes around

distributing wonders in its rounds.


A Deal Unassuming.

The fever and fret with which the world revolves.

The haste and waste with which the  life evolves.

The craze and phase with which  the existence  undergoes.

The feel and steal with which the  living is forced

All take place in a span of few decades

which is allotted to individuals in a facade .

The earth moves on rotating on its own axis

with the inhabitants going about with their own practice

Not download (30)concerned about the environment internal and external

casting a diabolical consequence knowingly or unknowingly in all.

Actions Poem

Own Axis

With a long face
and anger in the eyes
pointing the fingers
pouting the lips
the lady started
her harangue
admonishing some
punishing a few
appreciating none
piling praises
on herself and herself alone.
Then she walked grandly
totally blind
to her faults
of respecting none
performing more than bad
in all her endeavours.

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The Three Dimensions.

Round and round goes the clock.

It is a rotation of its little hands.

Round and round goes the earth.

It is a revolution on its own axis.


Round and round goes the Man.

It is a movement to circulate physically.

Round  and round he craves in.

It is a motion to spread slander.


The clock shows time in precision.

Enacting day and night in decision.

The earth extends to life  a bounty

Enlivening  men and animals  to a dainty.


Man breeds enmity  in a concealed security.

He nurtures vengeance in a confided intimacy.

Killing one another is his  discreet strategy.

Annihilating the existence in totality.




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A Status quo in Fiasco

The  profound consideration for wealth,

Has become a  status quo,

This obsession reigns supreme.

The serious thought about  health,

Has assumed  a fiasco,

The deliberation extends to  extreme.


Many sources lead to quick deposits,

Many tests direct to fast diagnosis ,

Many temptations  look like hypnosis,

Many attempts prove to be a synopsis.,

Many strive to reach the highest axis,

Finally  fall asunder in a crisis.


The rave for accumulation breezes up,

The desire to fitness fleeces up,

These circumspection cruise up,

The anticipation for the denouement mounts up,

The fever and fret bring in emotions pent-up.,

Lo!the release behests a tormenting squeeze up.