Depression dissolution Poetry repercussion solution.

An Obsession Turns A Celebration

DisneylandAn obsession it is

a depression it seems

a repercussion it brings

a dissolution it leads to

a  resolution is a need

a solution would come

with that a celebration.

clouds depressed ease Poetry

An Obsession.

Had been so much obsessed

very much into it

always in the thought depressed

could not get away from it

yet had to sustain in a way

passed the days somehow

realized it is not the end  anyway

picked up courage anyhow

drove the clouds from the mind

turned lively once again

the news all is well without any bind

came with a propitious gain

Well. that is a great relief, heaven forbid

that obsessions eased my tensions in  a relaxed bid.


The Obsession

The obsession becomes a diversion
Small issues create a distraction
Rise up to a level beyond redemption
They force a withdrawal imminent
They promote a disaster diffident,
The creativity dies instantly
There surfaces a disability
A manifestation of incapacity
Which brings to end a spontaneity
That is the sound of death knell.


The Din From Karaikudi

The community is so small

but have claims very tall

with download (31)download (32)food storage  call

it comes out with the  ball

that keep rolling in the fall

saying it with a shout from a hall

it then discards it from the knoll

that being the case in all

the community goes on with its move

distributing things for every  occasions in a prove

while the dishes and vessels keep piling  in a grove

the givers waiting for an opportunity to reciprocate with love

the takers having no  option but to accept  it somehow

the shops make hay over the community’s  show

making huge revenue at one stroke in a row

the idea to give is to be appreciated with a glow

altering it a bit to give it to  not those who have a flow

but to those who really need them should be the motto

Being seen in the areas down South of India in most

residing mainly around Karaikudi at the most

spending huge part of the revenue  in marriages  utmost

otherwise living  below the required levels to full most

this community of Nagarathars  spend extravagantly foremost

ignoring how much they spend  visibly and invisibly on weddings  i most.



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So on and So forth

Anxiety mounts up.

Tension creeps up.

Fear rises up.

Pressure scales up.

The results are coming up.

It is not the presidential election.

It is neither the award presentation.

Do not look at me that way.

Do not call me silly.

I await, I see through the gateway.

It is the promotion of my child always.

From Kindergarten to grade 1.

From grade 1 to grade 2.

So on and so forth.

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Is it You Kate?

Kate sat brooding on the porch.

It was not her usual put forth.

Her thought was always of growth.

At the moment her look was towards north.


Kate  was moved to the most.

Her mind was totally lost.

Her thoughts were in a deep frost.

She sat silent like a ghost.


It is an obsession that has seized her.

Perhaps a setback that has defaced her.

Fatigue has overtaken her.

She looked haunted more so ever.


She has to take  the thought out of mind.

She has to keep the discomfiture in the hind.

 Nevertheless it is a mind-blowing bind.

The moment she forgets  she would clinch a find.


Kate seemed to see reason behind it.

She rose up with a splendid  hit.

She resolved to push  the struggle to the  down pit.

Now she  would certainly clinch it.




Actions subscriptions thoughts turmoil Wealth

A Status quo in Fiasco

The  profound consideration for wealth,

Has become a  status quo,

This obsession reigns supreme.

The serious thought about  health,

Has assumed  a fiasco,

The deliberation extends to  extreme.


Many sources lead to quick deposits,

Many tests direct to fast diagnosis ,

Many temptations  look like hypnosis,

Many attempts prove to be a synopsis.,

Many strive to reach the highest axis,

Finally  fall asunder in a crisis.


The rave for accumulation breezes up,

The desire to fitness fleeces up,

These circumspection cruise up,

The anticipation for the denouement mounts up,

The fever and fret bring in emotions pent-up.,

Lo!the release behests a tormenting squeeze up.