Love is Blind.

Love is blind goes the adage.
How much blind really?
Being blind to status in a gauge
Never thought of colour in a stage.
Not attached to creed in a rage.
Very much akin to understanding in a wage.
As there is nothing more to get engaged.
Little or none being in controversy to get enraged.
Writing about love in a page
becomes a hard task even to a sage.
So going with the adage
that love is blind
is apparently alove is blind. rare find
if it is really a bind
then it is an affair kind.
It it turns out to be sour in the hind
then it is an exchange unkind.

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Is it You Kate?

Kate sat brooding on the porch.

It was not her usual put forth.

Her thought was always of growth.

At the moment her look was towards north.


Kate  was moved to the most.

Her mind was totally lost.

Her thoughts were in a deep frost.

She sat silent like a ghost.


It is an obsession that has seized her.

Perhaps a setback that has defaced her.

Fatigue has overtaken her.

She looked haunted more so ever.


She has to take  the thought out of mind.

She has to keep the discomfiture in the hind.

 Nevertheless it is a mind-blowing bind.

The moment she forgets  she would clinch a find.


Kate seemed to see reason behind it.

She rose up with a splendid  hit.

She resolved to push  the struggle to the  down pit.

Now she  would certainly clinch it.