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A Deal of Feel.

It is being a deal

out of a feel

not anything financial

depends on the ecological

the unmindful  usage

has led to a rummage

the excess emission

has resulted in a diffusion

the garbage and the filth around

has forced a deadly surround

the way we have abused nature

felling trees has become a feature

thee reclamation of land

has become a brand

now we cry with despair

these are the fruits of our repair

we have thoughtlessly over done

that be the glossary of all the undone

the tears of pain drop  down

be the one of a  disaster  with a frown.climate--m_3512985b



She being An Entertainment.

She is out of her mind

speaks somewhat in a kind

a little astray perhaps

she  is but a mishap

talks big of her all the same

great of her husband not to name

thinks she is beautiful all the more

mother of her likewise being four

walks now and then at random

paces up and down in tandem

dresses up in the most ill fitting attire

well, have to prop up her in a satire

as she behaves  funny and quixotic

one could dub her as an eccentric

I would not address her so

as she is a way down that  in the go

her gait being very peculiar

her forehead sees her nose  all clear

her nose watches her mouth  all foul

she speaks with a grunt and a howl

all being so in the real status  as seen

she blinks and stares without a gleam

that be her in her late sixties

imagine her at the teens

a nice way to picture her with a feel

could you find a more entertaining deal.strange woman





A Fair Deal In A Steal.

A share in a steal
as if it is a deal
comes not once
but thrice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
makes me aghast
and amazed.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
finds an impartiality
respect to the fertility.

A fair deal,
that too in a steal
goes unnoticed
as is the practice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
seems to amuse me
thinking of the fee.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
would ruin the progeny
with angst and a curse.steal.

A Cherished Deal

the good is easy

the bad is uneasy

life contains both

essential to growth

as good grows

they come in rows

bad waters down

they commit a frown

except, not the best always

there is a case

where the good suffers

the bad prospers

this could be not real

it is only a  trial

the finality differs

the good is preferred

picks up the colour rose

the bad loses its hue

turns pale and leaves no clue

good achieves greatness late

bad grabs fame  not late

a sermon  this  would seem

I do it with a beam

as I undergo such  ordeal

never snatched a good deal

never claimed a bad one too

wait I eagerly for  a cherish.cherished deal

An Interesting Post.

The post that calls your attention

that needs your retention

is indeed an attraction

that  makes one read and read

with an interest indeed

advancing a  fine lead .


It takes you  along the ride

with a gentle tickle on the stride

where thee is nothing to hide

hide it may be so subtle

that not causes a hustle

but  puts you through the bustle.


In goes the lively deal

with a thrilling feel

extending  a warm heal

thereby they bring out an episode

beautifully  narrated within the board

fairly a strong and powerful  expression on load.


That be the grip the read tends

allowing a mirth in the trend

goes so all through the bend

holding the reader’s attention in rapt

as he in the course adapts

forgetting himself in the lovely pact.



The End Of The Deal

Pent up I live
Tuned up i sit.
Topped up I stand
Lighted up I walk.

Well, you may find it quixotic
well that is me in topic
totally was into frolic
now going very hectic.

With that the nerve centre of work  turns thick
have to move about with a kick
lest would be left behind from the pick
as everything is ruled by the stick.

Now I live with a feel.
never attempting to steal
trying to go with a heal
that is the end of the deal.
life is a deal

A Deal Unassuming.

The fever and fret with which the world revolves.

The haste and waste with which the  life evolves.

The craze and phase with which  the existence  undergoes.

The feel and steal with which the  living is forced

All take place in a span of few decades

which is allotted to individuals in a facade .

The earth moves on rotating on its own axis

with the inhabitants going about with their own practice

Not download (30)concerned about the environment internal and external

casting a diabolical consequence knowingly or unknowingly in all.