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The Soothsayers Words

The curse of the forefathers

would put you to test rather

appease them at the earliest

else you would not be in rest

the saying of the soothsayers

makes me wonder as prayers

would restore peace very quick

the curse and swear will not kick

if one is devoted and true

the elders would bless with all the heart

if we do not stray from the righteous in part

well, this is my own personal thought

like not to impose on any of you

better not be swayed away by superstition

as it would condemn you to a distraction

deviate you from the rightful path easilysoothsayer

angst curse fair Poetry progeny

A Fair Deal In A Steal.

A share in a steal
as if it is a deal
comes not once
but thrice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
makes me aghast
and amazed.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
finds an impartiality
respect to the fertility.

A fair deal,
that too in a steal
goes unnoticed
as is the practice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
seems to amuse me
thinking of the fee.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
would ruin the progeny
with angst and a curse.steal.

curse Poetry stealth

A Character.

A call just now
a friend of mine spoke
so innocent in a row
feigned innocence in hold
she never looks bold
certainly a character to watch
you could never catch
she is so slippery and pleasant
moves about in a manner decent
what is in her mind no one knows
as she makes no foes
goes on with an ease in all
very careful not to tread and fall
intrudes stealthily into others
straightens herself from their curse
I, for one, got carried away
I have seen through the play
hereinafter I should be awry
as she is a being very scary.feigning_innocence_by_xxcarolinefirelilyxx-d68l42n