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A Fair Deal In A Steal.

A share in a steal
as if it is a deal
comes not once
but thrice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
makes me aghast
and amazed.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
finds an impartiality
respect to the fertility.

A fair deal,
that too in a steal
goes unnoticed
as is the practice.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
seems to amuse me
thinking of the fee.

A fair deal
that too in a steal
would ruin the progeny
with angst and a curse.steal.


In A Steal

The pretty flower from yonder beckons
going to it in the fastest run
tripped on a small stone
fell down and broke the bone.

With the bruised leg and torn calf muscle
walked slowly brushing aside the tussle
went near the lovely flower
which went past my cheeks in a shower.

Then with a limp and a painful pull
turned back with loving feelings full
stretching the hurt leg on the sofa
reminisced the event with a guffaw.

The dainty flower likes me, I feel
as it kissed my cheeks with a feel
seem to caress me with a smothering feel
Oh! it has taken my heart in a steal.pretty flower


Stealing— High or Low.

Taking the money from the exchequer
where the politics come into force
where the powerful make it legal
where the country becomes poor
this is the game of those who rule
going rampant in their loot
forgetting the country and its people.
Well, is this not one and the same as stealing
A thief takes the money from a pocket
runs away with it making it illegal
where the person loses his hard-earned money
The petty thief if caught goes behind the bars
while the powerful caught or notdownload (18) goes in Rolls Royce..