In A Steal

The pretty flower from yonder beckons
going to it in the fastest run
tripped on a small stone
fell down and broke the bone.

With the bruised leg and torn calf muscle
walked slowly brushing aside the tussle
went near the lovely flower
which went past my cheeks in a shower.

Then with a limp and a painful pull
turned back with loving feelings full
stretching the hurt leg on the sofa
reminisced the event with a guffaw.

The dainty flower likes me, I feel
as it kissed my cheeks with a feel
seem to caress me with a smothering feel
Oh! it has taken my heart in a steal.pretty flower


The Hills Above.

The majestic hills
with their slopes
and winding paths
stand apart
tall and broad
towering and hovering
carrying with them
a powerful synergy
and a dramatic irony
that of greatness in tone
and a simplicity in bearing
proposing a deign
and a shine
that is inherent
in their bind
The hills greet all
with pleasure and cordiality
supplying amply
a coolness and freshness
appropriate for relaxation
adding colour to the cheeks
and relieving the body of its strain.Scotland_The_Culli_1939293b
A stock of animals roam high up
coming down in search of food
pass of doing no harm
if left undisturbed
but come with an attack
if seen playing truant.
The water flowing down the hills
glitter like silver
when sun’s rays fall on them
flowing with a hissing sound
and the bees buzzing about
while the birds chirp and tweet
adding mirth to the surroundings
A week in the hills a year
revitalise the body and mind
adding tenor and vigour.

Diamonds thoughts

Pink,White and Yellow Diamonds

Lovely colours  aren’t they?

They make us gay ,

All through the day,

I have lot more to say.


Pink is  the lovely rose,

Pink are the chubby cheeks,

Pink  are the cotton candies,

Oh!There are pink diamonds too.


White diamonds dazzle,

Yellow ones sparkle,

Pink extends a twinkle,

All from the carbon carbuncle.


Pink diamond is a gorgeous  treat,

Found in the mines of Argyle,

A gem rare  with a charm upbeat,

Oh!It is  fabulously expensive .


Yellow and White diamonds are a costly call,

Eluding the grasp of all,

Pink  ones remains a coveted  tall,

Appropriate to  the monarchy’s haul.


Delight of seeing induces a pleasure,

Desire to hold incites a longing,

Indeed it is a valid value,

No matter how small you might be.


Possession of those might  make you beam,

Owning those is a precious dream,

Mostly those might pass on to the cream,

Few of those could make your ring finger gleam.


Pink diamonds turn you pink,

Prices rule out an angry pink,

Lustre  spells out a blushing pink,

An owning  foretells a futuristic  pink.


Well,the story of diamonds is interesting,

Black cinders  after million of years  inputting,

Validate as precious gems scintillating,

Oh! it is a tale of lowly forcing a pop out  struggling.