Over To A Rose.

Over there I see a rose

which is lovely and lively

she being always a fascination

calmly releasing an amazement

enlivening those who see (56)


The little rose pink and yellow

dangles in the breeze with a flow

majestically beckoning all to her

a ravishing beauty indeed!.


The flower with dainty petals

so soft and smooth in elaboration

with a skill and a thrill in designation

sings with mirth the joy of fulfillment.


Fear rises when I see the little rose

a little move wrong  would disturb her

a slight touch even would torment her

she being so delicate and pretty.


The tiny rose on the green stalk

with the pricking thorns sticking out

opens up with a glossy cheer

invigorating the heart that watches her.


The rose sends an excitement all the more

then and when she comes out with a new shoot

holding my soul and spirit together entranced

as I devour her beauty with my large eyes.



Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

Real People: Caucasian Twins Little Boy and Girl Silly Sunglasse

Actions Poem

Humor At Large.

The girl in pink
wrote a letter in ink
asking her friends to think
not to merely blink.

Her friends failed to do
as they were a lazy duo
could not think in a flow
but gave each other blows.

The girl felt dull
as she could not pull
her friends from the null
as they flopped full and full.

She let them go
to a place of snow
where the standard is below
so that they could learn slow.
girl in pink

Actions Poem thoughts

A Lady In Pink

lady in pinkA lady walked past
in a gentle stride
with a pink high-heeled
and a pretty pink hand bag
wearing a pink diamond bracelet
and a matching diamond necklace
ears dangling with pink drops
and a pink crystal band
holding her long hair
It was pink all through
and she was also pinkish fair.
It was a delight to look at her
until a time when another
lady simple as she could be
dressed daintily glided
gracefully along the aisle with poise
decked with a lovely benign smile.

Diamonds thoughts

Pink,White and Yellow Diamonds

Lovely colours  aren’t they?

They make us gay ,

All through the day,

I have lot more to say.


Pink is  the lovely rose,

Pink are the chubby cheeks,

Pink  are the cotton candies,

Oh!There are pink diamonds too.


White diamonds dazzle,

Yellow ones sparkle,

Pink extends a twinkle,

All from the carbon carbuncle.


Pink diamond is a gorgeous  treat,

Found in the mines of Argyle,

A gem rare  with a charm upbeat,

Oh!It is  fabulously expensive .


Yellow and White diamonds are a costly call,

Eluding the grasp of all,

Pink  ones remains a coveted  tall,

Appropriate to  the monarchy’s haul.


Delight of seeing induces a pleasure,

Desire to hold incites a longing,

Indeed it is a valid value,

No matter how small you might be.


Possession of those might  make you beam,

Owning those is a precious dream,

Mostly those might pass on to the cream,

Few of those could make your ring finger gleam.


Pink diamonds turn you pink,

Prices rule out an angry pink,

Lustre  spells out a blushing pink,

An owning  foretells a futuristic  pink.


Well,the story of diamonds is interesting,

Black cinders  after million of years  inputting,

Validate as precious gems scintillating,

Oh! it is a tale of lowly forcing a pop out  struggling.








Beauty thoughts True Wisdom

Awesome Magnificence.

I saw a  lady in pink,

With lot of  pleasant links,

Her hair  tumbled down her back

It was  soft and dark

Her eyebrows  bent  like arcs,

So well   a natural  dark,

Her eyes  floated  fish like,

Sparkling with a jumpy  hike,

Her nose was sharp and pointed,

wherein twitched a diamond untainted,

Her lips  appear  thin and curved,

With a gleaming  smile delicately  engraved,

Her cheeks looked  rose and rounded,

Looking like a dainty blossom well tended,

Her neck was  neat and slender,

Exacting a conch like wonder,

Her skin was milky  white none the less,

Giving out a complexion  flawless

Her gait was full of poise and grace,

Making one adore her in a daze,

Is she real?  Is  she really real? I ask,

I   look with askance  ,

She is  real ,

As she  started  to walk