The Days Back and Ahead

The sons of me love my company
calling me from wherever they are
talking to me in length about their doings
recalling the days when we were all together
leaves me happy for the rest of the day.

The daughters bear great affection they say
I know not how it would be
being blessed with sons all through in the go
never did I feel that a daughter could be much better
as I got absolute love from my sons through and through

There had been painful experiences with them
that of they being little unkind to me in the run
I, wielding a stick like wand to put them in place
they running away from me in their younger days
now having run away from me for their betterment.

Both runaways, precious and present, set my heart to ache
the first one releasing strict discipline for their future
the second one seems they are reciprocating similar for my old age
while I went busy with my activities in their younger days imagesE04TBD5H
now they live faraway minding their profession in my old years.

This being the life for me that brings cheer from far and near
the companionship growing strong with the grand children taking up the cue
with the boys I had lived all through till my middle age
now interacting with girls and boys a generation after
lends me a mixed feel of mirth and curiosity with no responsibility


Down The Lane

Down there goes a car

it is a brand new one

shining black in colour

going behind it were boys

who always love to watch cars

being less privileged  poor ones

they like the sight of cars

and if any new one comes

run behind it to touch and feel

the eyes of these boys

show a dazzle bright

longing to have one such

let them be blessed with tt

wishing them all the opportunities

and means to buy even a better one

Well, that day s not too far

as they are bright and clever

with an aspiration great

be that be this car for the moment.



Over And Above.

The over and above

there be a branch

butting out from a big tree

where there are many fruits

easily accessible  to everyonedownload (45)

that being  in an enclosed garden

the reach is little tamed

thought the boys did not let it go

they stood up on each other

one over the other like a pile

sufficient to reach the top

got hold of the branch

shaking it brought  the fruits down

while the owner came running with anger

the boys ran off in such speed

while  the owner stood there helpless




Off To School

I know a little girl
who never cried going to school.
It is quite unusual, I believe
as I had three boys
who brought the roof down
while they first left for school
They cried and wept
groaned and shouted
banging the floor
refusing to get into the car.
The drive was so unpleasant
with sobs and whimper
finally the drop in school
being the worst
as I have to drag them inside.
Well, that was decades back.
This little girl goes happily
returns home with the same happiness
enjoying every thing there
feeling very independent and not scared
while being resolute in her demands
and definite in her movements ready for school
she celebrates each day with cheer
a different set and mould in the offing.


Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

Real People: Caucasian Twins Little Boy and Girl Silly Sunglasse


The Insane Reigns.

A few minutes back on the lane
there was a big noise
that of dogs barking in vain
and men running out of no choice
trying to catch the man not sane
who was frightening the small boys
with his crooked long cane
the little ones in fear threw their toys
but he continued his strain
they got terrified losing their poise
started crying with deep mental pain
but he danced and played in rejoice
until there came a heavy downpour of rain
saving the boys from this curious bane.insane man

Actions blue concept

Boys In Blue.

boy's roomblue.Boys are dressed in blue.
It makes a boisterous accrue.
His room is painted blue
It throws a pleasant hue.
His bedspreads are also in blue.
It tends to intensify the preview.
The concept of ascribing blue.
Came into force from whence I know not for true.

Actions Experience subscriptions thoughts

Raising Three Boys:A strain,a Drain,But Not in Vain

Article first published as Raising Three Boys: A Strain, a Drain, But Not in Vain on Blogcritics.


The strain of bringing up children, especially boys, has taken half my life. Yes, I am in my late 50s. I became a mother at 21, and from then on it was a struggle. I have three sons. When the eldest was eight the youngest was born and the middle one was three years old. Imagine my plight.

The eldest was always up to pranks, as eight-year-olds often are. He would be under a table, the next minute upon it, in a few minutes perched upon a tree making faces at me. While I went out to bring him down, the second one pinched the newborn, pulling the little one’s hair and running out in fear when the baby started crying. I had to lift the baby from the cot to console him, had to bring my second one to my fold lest he would feel unwanted, and had to pull the first one forcefully down from the tree and make him do his homework. It was a yoga.

While they were growing I had to undergo a different kind of exercise. I had to conduct coaching at home. I had to teach algebra to one, addition to the second, and counting to the youngest. I helped in writing essays, taught spelling, and identified the alphabets. Preparing food, supervising the laundry, and keeping the house clean were the other chores I had to attend to. I did all these with splendid vigour. Turning back, I see my efforts were amazing. How did I do all these things? Now I take hours to cook the meals. I grumble. I begrudge. I curse. My legs ache, my fingers get numb. I throw tantrums. Why do I feel so?


In the past I did so because I was young, because I had a lot of affection, because I wanted to meet the demands. Now I do so because of age, because of loneliness, because of saturation. My hands were full then. Now I am without work, with no pressing schedule anymore.

My children have migrated to different lands. We spend our days in two countries now. Part of the year we live in the country of our birth, but the major part in the country where our business is located. Recalling my erstwhile duties I feel exalted. My past was a stressful pleasure.

I discussed my experience with my children a little while ago. They enjoyed the narration and in between came out with the incidents which I had forgotten. They grinned and chuckled. Suddenly, to my despair, they broke into tumultuous laughter. I had never seen them in such high moods. I kept silent like a little girl ordered to keep quiet: “Put your finger on your lips.”

The three of them looked at my posture. They came close to me, sat around me, held my hands, looked at my eyes, and said slowly, “Mama, we are going through the same phase now. We lose our patience now and then, but never once did we see you furious.”

I brushed aside my tears and dragged the boys to my bosom. However old they might be they are still my sweet little boys, with velvety hair, big eyes, sharp noses, and broad mischievous grins.

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Mother Of Three Boys

Article first published as Mother of Three Boys on Blogcritics.


Mothering is a thrilling experience and a challenging adventure. Raising children is a responsibility that requires lot of attention and acute care.

Meenu got married at the age of 19, while she was in the final year of school. She was academically brilliant and was a top performer in other activities too. She won the best orator award consecutively for three years. Marriage at that tender age posed a little problem to her studies. In the course of her final year, she got pregnant. She took her new status in stride. She took her final examination at an advanced stage of pregnancy. A week afterwards, she delivered a beautiful boy. When the exam results were announced, she stood first in the university and was awarded a gold medal.

This little girl, just out of her teens, took her motherhood seriously. She  nourished the child, feeding him in correct intervals.  At the same time she pursued her post-graduate credentials and clinched honours with ease. She put her son in a play school .The boy was very mischievous and playful, but had sharp wit and keen observation skills. Meenu gave him personal coaching at home. She did not engage any tutors.

While she was engaged in bringing up her son, she became in the family way once again. Again she had a boy. Her caring this time was fine-tuned as she had gained experience and was five years older, 24 now. The second one was so quick in grasping numbers and words, that he mastered the skills of writing  and reading in no time. He was reluctant to go to school, and threw tantrums, but Meenu with firm authority sent him to Kindergarten .The child soon got accustomed to the new surroundings, as he understood that his crying  was brushed aside.

As she was busy with her two kids and business, she once again became a mother. The third boy was the most creative of the three. He was so attached to his mother that he always clung to her wherever she went. He hated school and wanted Meenu to be beside him always. Meenu had a tough time weaning him, making him drink milk from a cup .But she succeeded eventually by coaxing and cajoling him.

Each child requires different care and approaches.

The three boys have grown into adults. They are tall in stature, charming in looks, graceful in presentation, successful in their careers. The first one has attained a top position in the banking sector.The middle boy, who had a command of language and excelled in writing in his early years, has become a financial correspondent at Thomson Reuters. The most pampered of the lot, the third, is an art director.  So they have pursued dissimilar careers.

Looking back, Meenu sees the rugged path she has traversed. Standing aside, she feels the tremendous stress she experienced. Relaxing now, she smiles at her success.

Thus mothering three boys is no mean achievement. It is as stressful as running a business or a government. Never talk less about it.


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