A Rarity Among The Disarray

A little away from the garden
a hill so small is there
trees in full bloom
greenery all around.

The garden is so lovely
picturesque with lush green lawn
flower beds on either side
colourfully designed

In the middle there is a pool
filled with water crystal clear
an ambience of beauty all over
neatly crafted around an aesthetic setting.

The house adds to the charm
corridors run all around
the doors open out to a courtyard
and the windows thrown open to the garden.

The people are wonderful
benign and graceful to the word
hohousesspitality is their by word
they are beautiful beings in the world.

Not such scenario is seen elsewhere
this is an evangelical display
all in accordance to the tune
a rarity amongst the disarray.


The Flowers Song

We experience awe seeing the flowers
while the rose induces  a romantic feel
the daffodils instil a pleasant keen
as the lilies make us calm
the hyacinths softens our heart
the violets lend us courage
while the red dahlias inspire us as well
the jasmine invigorates us
while the lotus down in waters
invites us to be down to earthdownload (8)
the realistic forms of the flowers
do make us get excited to the most
as they allow the poets to sing their glory
versifying  the tributes we commonly say.


Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

Real People: Caucasian Twins Little Boy and Girl Silly Sunglasse


Flowers Seem to Wither.

The flowers are looking dazed.
The freshness has effaced.
There is no lovely trace.
They escape from the gaze.

Sad to see them in such state.
They seem to fumble great
Not cheerful at any rate.
but drooping dry in chaste.

Flowers usually bring cheer
They are to be held dear.
Keeping them close and near
will add to the lively steer.

These flowers seem to wither
looking from thither
they appear fighting with factors othercampanulaalpinaherb2
braving the heat and weather



the flowers get picked up
for fear of being treaded over
as they cause much painimages (86)


May Morning.

May morning it is
Bright sun and warm weather May flowers
The grass is greener than usual
with lush growth and shining colour.
There is fun and gaiety all around
as the spring has set in.
The children are out in play
looking rosy and cheerful
with the mild sun enhancing
the beauty to a gracious glow.
The birds twitter and fly around
soaking in the sun light making merry.
It is all through a celebration adorable
colorful, sublime. and ravishing.


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A Boisterous Threat.

Trees were in full bloom.

Colorful  flowers were in full blossom.

Lascivious  fruits hung heavily.

Little birds chirped crisply.

Bees buzzed with a drone.

Adding  charm to the zone.


The land stands bare.

There are no trees to stare.

There are no bearer of fruits juicy.

There are no blossoms to  make  flowering  lovely.

There are no loving hosts to hold birds chatter.

There are no lively relays to deliver the bees humming with cheer. 


The ground is loaded with mortar and concrete.

Buildings go up in stylish lanky upbeat.

Displaying colors of morbid paints.

Distracting the original inhabitants.

Chasing them out of their dwellings

Disturbing the environment out of its rings.


Threats come in different forms.

Destroying everything over the norms.

Invasions are considered as heroic deeds.

Assassinations are out of  greed.

Harassment indicate a cruel impertinence.

Deforestation is  a crime beyond penance.




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Greenery Around

Watching the lovely trees,

Endowed with green leaves,

Seeing the  manicured hedges,

Hemmed along the slushy  ledges,

Noticing the dangling   flowers

Blossomed  along the pathway  covers,

Walking over the stretch of lush grass,

Grown in abundance purporting a class,

Playing with the colourful butterflies

Which  buzz with  dedicated  ties, 

Following the cute little sparrows ,

Which hum with repeated notes in the meadows, 

Grant an illustrative experience as though in  pictures,

Daintily painted by the renowned painters



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Whispers are noisy too,

When everything  is still,

The rustling leaves do whisper,

As the wind blows in  a gentle fill,

The flowing streams do whisper,

As the water gushes in thrill,

The peeping Sun does whisper,

As the day dawns in shrill,

The bowing trees do whisper,

As the breeze blows in frill,

The dangling flowers do whisper,

As they dance to the melody in drill,

The little child does whisper,

As  it hears the lullaby  to a will,

Whispers do keep us bound,

As they go through all rounds.