Symbolic Of Life

The weather is pleasant.
Rains and temperature drop
make the days lovely.

Used to bright sunshine
being humid, November
is cool and calm.

The one defective part
is the onset of infections.
The onslaught is deplorable.

Fever, dengue
and swine flu abound
an appalling situation.

The cyclones add to the misery
with landslides and roof collapse
along with loss of lives..

Happiness and grief
seamlessly merge.
A sequence less known.

Symbolic of life
which holds
success and failure


The Average Of All

The average of all

be it in a call

one of a revenue

computing  all avenues ‘

the expenses and income

where profit turns a welcome

work we then the average

keeping the entries in range.


Said of the revenue in the primary

followed by the weather not secondary

the temperatures of the days

along with the humidity in ways

contemplating on tomorrows

calculating the variations in course

arrive at a reliable  average

keeping the variations in range.


More so of the medical parameters

the average’s role is one of a nominator

the higher the value be could be a disaster

being low also directs a deflector

so the results should be accurate  in terms

a deviation would pronounce alarming  forms

inferring a pathological  average

keeps the variations in range.


The way the average works on with  attention

could be a clipped module for the  assumption

never could it be taken as the only revelation

as each one has a varied intimations

the individual comes as a concentrate

a blind follow would discriminate

the good and the bad  with a strategic follow

that is how average has to be considered in an allow.




Humpty Poetry Wonder.

Humpty Dumpty Together Again

Erratic it is everywhere

the weather is  so

floods inundate

snowy blizzards overtake

drought dampens

winds overwhelm

that be for nature.

Come past by the countries

planes disappear for long

innocent school children killed

men  held hostage in a cafe

passerby falls a prey to a bomb

a toddler guns  down his parents

what could be more hazardous?

Where does the world go?

Does it go North or South?

Why such gruesome deeds happen?

what makes nature behave so bad?

I question, you interrogate

we introspect  and end up

with Humpty Dumpty’Humpty Dumpty

All the kings men could not put

Humpty Dumpty together again


The Driest Weather

driest weatherThe drying yard looked parched
the washed clothes  quickly dried
the pathway was horribly hot
the man stood there all caught
not in the rain that drenched
but under the sun that scorched
pivoted to the centre of the road
with cars on either side of the board
he could not move  hastily all the  way
creeping and negotiating through possible ways
he half burnt and more or less dead
reached home and flung on his bed
totally dehydrated and almost panting
as his wife rushed to him worrying
fed him with lot of plain water  and juice
which relieved him from the bruise
resulting out of excessive heat  .


Hot, Hot, Malaysia

I see heat really  with my eyes 

 How come ? you might ask.  as if it is a lie 

It is seen actually  right before

The roads glitter in the sun  all the more

It is silvery everywhere  across the tar road

The glare is too much  to bear on board

It is so shining  and blinding

catching the eyes in a ring

not really capturing the eyes as such

not really seizing the eyes  as much

Well really ceasing the eye sight

it being so shiny  and reflective  in a bite

that I could not see over  at all

but see the heat alone  while I fall

Hope you come to terms with me  now

Where ?you would ask  to know

Oh! let me tell you  the place

it is so in Malaysia

where the heat is existential  with might

with no rains almost for a fortnight

while my washed clothes dry up in an hour

my plants wither in   twenty four hours

my trees dry up in a week mostly

while  I suffer a sun stroke  essentially

withstanding the exhaustion  efficiently

a little exposure to the sun

tan the complexion not brown

but turning to soot black

Well, that is how is Malaysia

with heat circulating around

and Malaysia rains not be found







The Harsh Weather.

It being a season of cold

being called as winter

with temperature falling below zero

and snow pouring in extra

there arises  a stand still

with people not allowed to move

being not  possible to go out

as the freezing cold  is so penetrating

sending  a biting chill and stinging  kill

going into the chest and lungs harshly

causing a breathlessness terrible

and a suffocation untold  greatly

a choke that  creates  a  mild improvisation

that being the vagaries of weather

commanding a despondency and despair

funny it looks and sly it appears images (57)

with all the technology advancement

man could never compete with Nature

nor could he  become immortal.



Flowers Seem to Wither.

The flowers are looking dazed.
The freshness has effaced.
There is no lovely trace.
They escape from the gaze.

Sad to see them in such state.
They seem to fumble great
Not cheerful at any rate.
but drooping dry in chaste.

Flowers usually bring cheer
They are to be held dear.
Keeping them close and near
will add to the lively steer.

These flowers seem to wither
looking from thither
they appear fighting with factors othercampanulaalpinaherb2
braving the heat and weather


The Dog’s Day

DogsDaysofSummer-title1Liking the day to a dog
calling it dog’s day
looks so strange and apathetic
as the dog known for its faith
has got an image of disillusion
carrying with it a deride
and tease and even
extending it to a ridicule
calling the sultry
hot weather as dog’s day.
Madness creeps in fast
during this extreme weather
causing a languid inertness .
Well, if that be the reason
what about the lunacy
that ails the community
in pleasant weather and
embittering cold climate.
How would have
Aristotle or Socrates
addressed this loss of mind?

Actions Man Perfidy Rain thoughts

Perfidy- Rain & Man

There is  a weather forecast,

The sky looks overcast,

The clouds gather  fast,

It becomes dark ,very dark at last.



It seems as if it is going to rain,

Condensed vapours stand  like a train,

Wetness can be felt in the grain,

It becomes dark ,very dark at last.



Expecting  good rains  the farmer  becomes cheerful,

Starts counting his gains hoping a return resourceful,

Bloats  with pride aiming a harvest bountiful,

It  becomes dark ,very dark at last.



“Did it rain ?”you ask me, at last,

“It did and it did not” !I say downcast,

Rains are like men to the last,

They promise and break in an overcast.



Believe neither rain nor man entirely,

Both are charming  but perfidious  ambiguously,  

Both preach but  not practise regularly,

Alas! It has become dark, very dark ,at last.



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How A Day Should Be?

The day is unusually cool with slight drizzle,

Leaving us in a  state of mirth and cheer,

So long the scorching heat made us muzzle,

Pushing us to  undue perspiration and fiery fire.

The pleasant morn   was salubrious  and breezy,

The trees  tossed their leaves in  new-found joy,

The flowers in the plants fluttered  crazy,

The  enlivened city behaved like  a tom – boy.

The streets became alive with hurried moves,

The shops wore a grand festive look,

The schools opened  their doors for sportive  proves,

A little fall in farenheit   listed a veritable shook.

The energy sucked out from habitation,

Sullied the eloquence of the town,

Sending them to a reeling desolation,

Promoting a freckled famished frown.

This day many  schedules got oriented,

With proven care and personal supervision,

The other days cast a feverish unbearable spell,

Subjecting imminent duties to an untold procrastination.

See, what a change the temperate weather brings,

Relieving the pains of excessive  tension  of intolerable heat,

Look, what a progress  would ensue out of spontaneous sings,

Relaxing the fretting mind of pressing deliberate beat.