Symbolic Of Life

The weather is pleasant.
Rains and temperature drop
make the days lovely.

Used to bright sunshine
being humid, November
is cool and calm.

The one defective part
is the onset of infections.
The onslaught is deplorable.

Fever, dengue
and swine flu abound
an appalling situation.

The cyclones add to the misery
with landslides and roof collapse
along with loss of lives..

Happiness and grief
seamlessly merge.
A sequence less known.

Symbolic of life
which holds
success and failure

Poetry thoughts

Waves in a Flow–Symbolic

The waves  rise up

strike the banks atop

with a force  unknown.


The waves bow down

retreat with not a frown

with a force unknown.


They go forward and backward

almost not towards

with a force unknown.


They do not lie dormant

even for a moment

being a force unknown.


Once they flow with an ease

one of a resigned  please

being a force unknown.


Else they flow with a tense

one of great violence

being a force unknown.


That be their nature known

unpredictable in tone

being a force unknown.


Waves do symbolically refer life

with fortunes and mishaps in strife

being one of unknown,waves





The Road Symbolic

The window being an opening
 through which light peeps in
 through which breeze gushes in
 through which I see the world
 wide and large, beautiful and wonderful.
The world out there is exasperating
 with the mad traffic and thoroughfare
with a din and a hustle all the more
with vendors shouting with a force
and the kids playing merrily with all fun.
The window is an eye opener
 as it reveals that which we do not know
 exposing  one of  endurance that people have
 while crossing the roads and lanes
that being a symbolical representation.
The tolerance and patience people show
 while taking the road of life
traversing with care and attention
 be found in the real road they cross
 both being a synonymous  indulgence.