Poetry thoughts

Waves in a Flow–Symbolic

The waves  rise up

strike the banks atop

with a force  unknown.


The waves bow down

retreat with not a frown

with a force unknown.


They go forward and backward

almost not towards

with a force unknown.


They do not lie dormant

even for a moment

being a force unknown.


Once they flow with an ease

one of a resigned  please

being a force unknown.


Else they flow with a tense

one of great violence

being a force unknown.


That be their nature known

unpredictable in tone

being a force unknown.


Waves do symbolically refer life

with fortunes and mishaps in strife

being one of unknown,waves




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The Breeze In A flow.

it is a song of the breeze

that makes me to freeze

at times it is similar to a tease

other times renders a lease

a fresh leaf of life

whistles through in a strife

being not pointed as a knife

where no protests are rife

it is a gentle flow

comes in  slow

I do not know

whether it could be   a blow

else I go about with a free mind

with expressions of kind

exposing no bind

exhibiting all in a find

well, that be the way it looks

as there could be none in books

a strange fprevailing-wind-2eeling sets across

as it has been a thought without flaws.

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The Wordy Flow And Blow

The words flow

releasing an uninterrupted deadly tirade

strike a blow.

The forceful blow

is baseless and unrealistic  deride

arrests the flow.

The unmindful  flow

turns  into shameless distinct  ride

a meaningless blow.artofdestruction_featured

dark Poetry

Dark As It Holds –2

Never can we say

dark is a glow.

Never can we prove

dark is  a flow.

Never can we assure

dark is  cheer.

Be it here or anywhere

dark permeates with a horror

persuades a terror

preserves a fervour

that be one of a shiver

and also be one of a quiver



Part Of Fun

I watch through the window

see a bright sun out

With all enthusiasm, I go out

and get stuck by a wind flow.

The sun is there in full

It is radiant and nice

Yet, it is chill in ties

the winds bring the cool.

Heard, that the sun scorches

it beats  the elements in the strength

but it is a falsity in length

as winds excel in few pockets.

I perceive the force of winds

not alone in speed as of earlier

I experience the biting cold’s succour

as they flow through the fore and hind.

sun shines

I pity you, the great golden Sun

You, who I thought was unsurpassable

appear sheepish here in all possible

Well, that is also a part of fun.


The Sequel And Theme

it is a sequel natural

no difference in factual

a flow in the  river  smooth 

not in a way uncouth

with the tides rising high

then they slowly die 

asymptomatic of the thoughts 

that   elude when sought 

the heart carries a heavy load 

could not hold it on board 

a pour out  is the course

I withhold them by force

 they are ready to jump out 

 do they do  so in a let out

my song would strike a theme 

one of absolute  dream 

sequel and theme


The Flow of The River.

Likewise the river flows
so wise and clever
flows she with no stop
stopped she for no reason
reason be not well-riverknown
known for her steadfastness
fast she runs in force
forcefully she exists
exists she all the year
the year of rain
rain falls in excess
excessive in the catchment
the catch being profuse
as profuse as the bounty
bounteous she looks
a look with a beam and pride
a pride in the right sense
sensible and excellent.


The Wind and Rain

he wind blows with a sound
it is terrific in the round
hissing and wheezing it takes off
storming and roaring it progresses
whining and whimpering it ends
the wind then blows off.

The branches of trees swirl fast
the leaves fall down in a rustle
the place is strewn with twigs
comes down the rain in a drizzle
a welcome shower to drench with cheer.

The rain starts with a rhythmic chant
the tiny drops fall with a poise
followed by the big drops on the field
it picks up speed with an enchanting prowl
the lovely pour down appears fantastic.

The parched land seems to brighten
enlivened by the ripples of the rain
the tumultuous showerswind and rain enliven the soil
the fecundity is aroused with force
there all along are signs of prosperity
significant and symbolic of growth.


The Sea In Its Fervour.

There in the beach 

sitting on the sandy stretch

the thoughts rise with the tide

up and up it goes with strength

then it slowly  flows back

as the tide goes down to the sea.


The repetition goes on for some more time

with the sea fuming and frothing all through

the mind is at turmoil and distracted

sighing and heaving with  frenzy

the sea, then settles down softly

so does the mind relaxing sea gently  to peace.