evening exhilarating moisture pleasant Poetry weather

The Drizzle Sufficiently Light

maxresdefaultThe drizzle is so light

falls on the ground slight

it is  so minute to the eyes

trickle and twist  in tries

makes the soil glossy

shines through rather crazy

the breeze blows with a whistle

strikes the face gently like a thistle

the air around picks up the moisture

renders a  beautiful weather

not very cool nor warm in nature

all the more pleasant in stature

the evening turns great in tone

an exhilarating  outflow from the zone.

Poetry possibilty

The Theory Of Possibility

A drizzle in drips
held me in a grip
mind you the flower like
captivated an iron like
that too happens in a jolt
unexpected comes from the bolt
the petite girl pretty and mild
win over the man huge and wild
the heart firm and resolute
extends compassion absolute
the theory of possibility as seen
seems not very keen
fumbles with a slip and fall
differs from the writing on the wall.



The Drizzle.

The drizzle all through the day

sent a  sensation so lovely and gay

wanted to reach out  to the fray

restrained the wish in a way 

 still overwhelmed  to play 

ran out to enjoy the rays 

the rain drops fell on the face 

went past  me without a trace

 yet could feel the dainty lace 

so good was it  in the brace.





The Wind and Rain

he wind blows with a sound
it is terrific in the round
hissing and wheezing it takes off
storming and roaring it progresses
whining and whimpering it ends
the wind then blows off.

The branches of trees swirl fast
the leaves fall down in a rustle
the place is strewn with twigs
comes down the rain in a drizzle
a welcome shower to drench with cheer.

The rain starts with a rhythmic chant
the tiny drops fall with a poise
followed by the big drops on the field
it picks up speed with an enchanting prowl
the lovely pour down appears fantastic.

The parched land seems to brighten
enlivened by the ripples of the rain
the tumultuous showerswind and rain enliven the soil
the fecundity is aroused with force
there all along are signs of prosperity
significant and symbolic of growth.