The Jealous Hue.

Jealousy professes colour

high up with the collar

the tinge of the colour

a bright and a light stellar

one with the sunlight

as scorching and bright

a mild hue in the initial

turns darkest in the final

reflects an animosity in large

refracts a dislike on the verge

the colour being one of yellow

does not freely  in an allow

expresses the concern if at all

the consideration being one of  a fall

a wish of bitterness and sourness

nothing at all of sweetness.






A Day Without A Write

Yesterday a day without a write

could not track anything in sight

totally took everything light

missed the usual flight

did everything with a respite

an unusual attitude  of slight

went away from the  path straight

took the easiest one in the right

not actually the way I do

yet yesterday passed so.






evening exhilarating moisture pleasant Poetry weather

The Drizzle Sufficiently Light

maxresdefaultThe drizzle is so light

falls on the ground slight

it is  so minute to the eyes

trickle and twist  in tries

makes the soil glossy

shines through rather crazy

the breeze blows with a whistle

strikes the face gently like a thistle

the air around picks up the moisture

renders a  beautiful weather

not very cool nor warm in nature

all the more pleasant in stature

the evening turns great in tone

an exhilarating  outflow from the zone.

contentment. Poetry

Tthe light At The End

it is a feverish mind
that throws all kinds
hypothetical in thoughts
not practical in faults
a close understanding
a clear focusing
would bring results desired
that could be the required
contentment is the end
then achieve it with a slight bend
I mean a bow in the flow
a slight adjustment in the toe
enable you to see the light
with that you give up your
the give and take policy you go with
a little here and a little there forthwith
would take you to levels high
the light would be visible from anywhere.

light  at the end of the tunnel

law Poetry

Dark As it Holds–10

The dark as it unfolds

enters not very bold

comes with a look cold

as the light gets on board

with its paraphernalia  on-road

the take off assumes a grandeur

as the sun slowly descends at yonder

the yellowish red hue keeps one in rapture

the picturesque moment is one to capture

the dark meekly comes into the horizon

timid and fearful all without reason

a thickness enwraps the  zone

where nothing could penetrate even in tone

the rigidity extends a qualm and a soreness

 down the spine travels the bitter chilliness

the feeling around is one of unfriendliness

yet the earth is punctuated by light and darkness

Be that  the law of nature elucidating  a significance



The Evening Drive,

Going out in the evening

looking at the shops big and small

glorified with lights colourful

found  also over the tress on the roads

blue ,pink and white lights flicker

with the neon lights on the pavements

and the sodium vaporised lights shining bright

the darkness of the night dispelled

being eliminated by illumination

the moon over the skies

shining demurely and peevishly

feeling shy of the earthly lights

while the stars refuse to come out

afraid of the twinkling lights  far below

the man-made fusions succeed so well

that they pose a threat to the constellation

leaving the firmament bare and dark

the artificial overpowering the natural as ever

that which is new would seem better

the old losing its gleam  in the endeavour

thus goes the evening drive across the city.





The solar Energy

The rays of the sun keep falling
with a shine and bind
that enhances the growth
pushing a photosynthetic activity
a great way to expand
and a great means to exhibit
the sun being the giver of light
also contributes to the life
with the sunlight there be benefits
innumerable difficult to enumerate
that be of supplements of vitamins
adds to the rejuvenation
there also be a fund of other outcomes
that go in to make the sun the largest provider
let that be so in the run  mostly I assure
now there comes another product from the sun
the solar energy that would bring marvel
as the dependence on man-made supplies getting defunct


Travel In Leads.

Travelling may be many

by mind and by body

whichever suits you well

go by the facility

one  labouring the mind

the other exhausting the body

To be frank and straight

any travel is an exercise

requiring tenacity and will

a slight back out

would entrench you in a pool  rigorous travel

landing you in trouble  serious

causing a feverish mind

and a strained physique

Careful you  be

never take travel lightly

It would show up  in brands

great and grave

carrying strands

intricate and  entangled.



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The Red Haunt

It is a red-letter day they hail

It is a red alert they caution.

It is a red light area they call.

It is a red zone they enforce.

It is scorching  red fire they mourn.

It is a red wound they shout.

It is a red stain they blurt.

It is a red blood bath they scream.

It is  red in most fronts we admit.

The colour red strikes a discordance.

It spreads a discomfort somewhere.

It signifies a flamboyance everywhere.



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Nothing is Indispensable.

A lane  bustles with activities,

People  move up and down,

Transactions are going in high speed,

The lights go off at regular intervals,

There is a hush,

This happens often,

In the morning it is warm,

At dusk it is dark,

Yet, business is done.

Proving  that nothing is indispensable.