The Lazy Find.

Certain days the writing is easy

other days it is  very trying  almost dizzy

the push and  the pull comes from within

the brain is always alert to the wind

the training it undergoes from the beginning

allows it not to rest at any setting

it is the body that ages with the years

the mind would never ages with years

that could be said of a ever curious mind

never denotes any of the lazy find.



The Enthusiastic Vibration

Enthusiasm is a spirit
it is also a drab
a desire to accomplish
a feverish one might be
spurs up at the moment
drives one to go ahead
grab the opportunity
and end up with a win.

The same feel is different
with people who leave it
allow it to settle down
there be no spirit whatsoever
a calm and relaxed approach
not moved by any tide
Well, there are two side
one be alert, the other be silent.

The enthuse you are
the more vibrant you be
the cool you are
the dull you should be
Centhusiasmoolness is a virtue
without a doubt
but too much of it
turns out to be negative .

The vibration is an articulation
that calls for an action
The efforts you put go well
are in proportion to the achievement.
Drag and withhold are two weakness
that are found in cowards
the propitious trend in a way
is to seize the chance of the day.



The cyclic monsoon hit the town
flooding it largely
lampooning the town extensively.
The rains poured day and night
no person was in sight
The roads were with water
everything else was shorter
with no activity either
and habitation neither
it looked deserted wholly
not looking wasted entirely
but fully logged and surrounded
marshy messfloods and clogged
Generally water is a life-giver
now it has become life taker
halting the movements absolutely
while heralding an alert necessarily.

Age Poem

The Grand Old man

grand old manWith silvery hair and sunken eyes
With stuttering talk and toothless jaw
With thin physic and a bent gait
With slow walk and a feeble talk
the man still reigns strong
not over the country or a state
but over his frail mind
keeping it alert and agile
abreast of the world affairs
well versed in economy
strong in business ethics
stronger in pathos and
strongest in recommendations

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The Red Haunt

It is a red-letter day they hail

It is a red alert they caution.

It is a red light area they call.

It is a red zone they enforce.

It is scorching  red fire they mourn.

It is a red wound they shout.

It is a red stain they blurt.

It is a red blood bath they scream.

It is  red in most fronts we admit.

The colour red strikes a discordance.

It spreads a discomfort somewhere.

It signifies a flamboyance everywhere.