The Lazy Find.

Certain days the writing is easy

other days it is  very trying  almost dizzy

the push and  the pull comes from within

the brain is always alert to the wind

the training it undergoes from the beginning

allows it not to rest at any setting

it is the body that ages with the years

the mind would never ages with years

that could be said of a ever curious mind

never denotes any of the lazy find.



Life Saving Drug

Life saving drug there be
that saves the life might be
being expensive with after effects
leading to a brain demise
others too with a surmise
that be of a stroke and
restricted move all the more
sometimes showing a great risk
that of an intestinal disorderlife saving drugs
going by all these illness on the whole
be it serious or terminal
pronounces a dire consequence
that would predict a danger
Well! nothing is in our hands
the morn we live hale and healthy
the night we breathe last



Brain is dead
the heart lives in beats
the man sleeps . coma_1615608c

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Encomium To Reading.


Read thou art thus.

Read more none the less.

Read without a fuss.

Read with a phonetic  stress.

Read aloud with an emphatic  press.


Read, read goes the chant.

Read, read is the rant.

Read, read is a common grant.

Read,  read   for an enchant.

Read,  read  brings about a pedant.


Read between the lines  with a curiosity.

Read between the words with a veracity.

Read between the quotes with a credibility.

Read between the references  with a possibility.

Read between the  punctuation with a  plausibility.


Reading goes through in different strains.

Reading  gives a lot of gains.

Reading ensues a stream of trains.

Reading well signifies a powerful reign.

Reading  all the more sharpens the brain.