Counting The Trains.

It was a habit
that of long
standing in the
railway station
counting the trains first
and as the day advances
counting the compartments
then later in the evening counting
counting the passengers
one by one as if taking statistics.
This man has been doing
this for years together
What for we know not?
He keeps a record of the traffic
might be helpful to generations after
or to his grandson in the years to come.

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Encomium To Reading.


Read thou art thus.

Read more none the less.

Read without a fuss.

Read with a phonetic  stress.

Read aloud with an emphatic  press.


Read, read goes the chant.

Read, read is the rant.

Read, read is a common grant.

Read,  read   for an enchant.

Read,  read  brings about a pedant.


Read between the lines  with a curiosity.

Read between the words with a veracity.

Read between the quotes with a credibility.

Read between the references  with a possibility.

Read between the  punctuation with a  plausibility.


Reading goes through in different strains.

Reading  gives a lot of gains.

Reading ensues a stream of trains.

Reading well signifies a powerful reign.

Reading  all the more sharpens the brain.