Counting And Checking.

counting  and checkingA day of going through accounts
with every penny being counted
every expense being entered.
Then adding them up together
checking the balance
finding variations in books
and in cash in hand
went on once again to total
tracking few errors
checked once again the cash
till not able to tally both
again started to add up
Oh! how many times I have to do
I really do not know
either I would have forgotten some transaction
or I should be a muff and dull headed
going wrong in basic additions.
Feeling greatly for memory loss
and lack of skill in addition .
With aging memory fails
learning too becomes an impossibility.


Counting The Trains.

It was a habit
that of long
standing in the
railway station
counting the trains first
and as the day advances
counting the compartments
then later in the evening counting
counting the passengers
one by one as if taking statistics.
This man has been doing
this for years together
What for we know not?
He keeps a record of the traffic
might be helpful to generations after
or to his grandson in the years to come.

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Schools Of Yester Year.

Years ago children loved school,

it was another home to them,

Learning was never cumbersome,

It rendered a development wholesome.


Children learnt with ease,

Numbers were easily mastered,

Letters were finely read,

Everything went directly to the head.


Learning was both study and play,

Simple practices enabled counting

Carry over was established in adding,

Take away was used in subtracting.


Language  became a felicitous facility,

Grammar opened up the intricacies,

Usage delivered the delicacies,

Communication became relevancies.


It was an enjoyable experience,

The teacher and taught worked together,

There was no pressure or ill feeling rather,

It was a perfect harmony altogether.








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Innocence and Wealthy

Counting is difficult for a child,

Accounting becomes hard  for the rich,

Yet the child has to do it mild,

And the rich have to set right all sides,

The little one learns it in a testy ride,

The wealthy settle the accounts all wide,

The ascending and descending orders  collide,

The accounted and unaccounted generally divide,

The kid ,as time passes ,gets along with the tide,

The affluent ,as practice goes, succeed in the hide,

The innocence assimilate the lesson with a guide,

The imperious amass wealth without a slide.

The child acquires knowledge with the aid,

The rich hoard money also with the aid.

Study and fortune  revolve round in a lovely glide.