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Up To Play

The rains play with me

so do the squirrels

as such both  are up to pranks

they are mischievous and freesqiurrels_in_eave


In the morning it was bright and sunny

I placed my carpets out in  the open yard

the rains poured for a few minutes

I ran to save them in a manner funny.


Could be similar in the afternoon too

I lay on my bed looking through

the sun was cheerful and brilliant in tone

the rains poured and were torrential too.


The squirrel entered through the front door

I usually keep the door open all through

never did the squirrel made its way in

I have to firmly close the main door.


My dining room opens out to the garden

I watch the greenery around

the squirrel came through the entrance

the little one has become a burden.


The ways I am mocked through the day

seem not a few but too many

small incidents put me to task

well, life works out that way.




We Do In Tremendous

Nice to read.

Nice to write.

Nice to play.

Nice to eat.

Nice to cry.

Nice to laugh.

Nice to walk.

Nice to sleep.

Am I being frivolous?

Well, that is what we do in tremendous

might be a difference

some do them  more

some do them less

depends on the individual

that be the way to live

with other ablutions

and most other tabulations.ablution-large

Rains Dodge.

The sky gets dark in the afternoon
with the clouds gathering in one fold
It is still and cool with no winds
all signalling a bountiful rain.
Lo! nothing happened as it remained so
pleasant and chill, delightful and delicious.
Like men rains do dodge too.rains dodge

In the University- A Grand Finale.

The life in the University was the culmination
All good things happened during that period
scoring high and ranked top among all
the life was really a bed of roses.
with fame and name to adorn

The university was a place of learning
much different from school
Relied on our references and research
The individuality developed in great strides
extending a self-esteem and reliance.

The wit and writing got sharpened
The mind took control over the heart
Wisdom overwhelmed emotions.
releasing a great insight and understanding
where playfulness gave way to seriousness.images (39).

Life in the University was not one of stress
It was the best of all the learning
A creative mind does extremely good in this phase
with lot of study aids in hand and in the library
acquiring knowledge as and when we study for a degree.

Being the wonderful phase in life
this life came to a close in a few years
leaving me in the world of strife
coping up with the nuances with ease and delight.
A life that makes one to wonder and remain awestruck

Verbal Jaunt.

A day without writing has made me dull.
Cobwebs creep in with a velocity
and lethargy sets in with a tenacity
I go without writing not for want of subjects
but to may frequent travelling prospects.
A month here and a month there of living
has robbed my enthusiasm to a temporary stifling
But remaining without writing has made me sad
if this goes on to days I would become mad
So started of my verbal jaunt.Writing-Poetry once again
for otherwise my stance would be under strain.

The Game

Playing in the games field
the children made a deed.
There were two teams
expressing full beam.
The first team Orange
had a definite arrange.
The second one pink
gave a lovely link.

The game began.
The Orange clan
started the contest.
It was a throwing test.
Threw did the orange team
to a distance beyond the dream.
The pink team entered with a clinch
but they superseded the former by an inch.

The Orange did not accept
saying it was a cheat preset.
The Pink got angry nevertheless
shouted that team Orange is spineless.
The game of the kids concluded in abhorrence
as the life of adults end up in turbulence