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Strangle ————-A Battle

illustration-of-a-man-strangling-other-713846A tight fist  holds the neck

the throat gets stuck

unable to move could only buck

strangle comes into force

has not been in the course

never did occur in the flow

could anyone expect it with a know

impossible quoth the mind

being a differential kind

could not lead the blind

well, strangling unmindfully

the fist fastens to it relentlessly

the throat is chocked to the core

the voice dies down with a roar

could that be the endI tremble

no, that is only the preamble

the metaphor strikes apart

the bad that shows up  be the belief

with a gaudy sense  of relief

uncermoniously is bellowed down

trapped and massacres by the drone

a literal strangle looks mild

the deep insight into the nuances  is filed

strangle is a battle fought with no luck

a submission more or less like a tame duck.

Actions metaphor Poem

The Game

Playing in the games field
the children made a deed.
There were two teams
expressing full beam.
The first team Orange
had a definite arrange.
The second one pink
gave a lovely link.

The game began.
The Orange clan
started the contest.
It was a throwing test.
Threw did the orange team
to a distance beyond the dream.
The pink team entered with a clinch
but they superseded the former by an inch.

The Orange did not accept
saying it was a cheat preset.
The Pink got angry nevertheless
shouted that team Orange is spineless.
The game of the kids concluded in abhorrence
as the life of adults end up in turbulence


Actions expectation. metaphor Poem

The Umbrella

Took an umbrella and went out.
Hoping the rain would come out.
But no rain came out.

A strong wind blew .
Away my umbrella flew.
I looked for it without any clueumbrella.