The Blow Of Wind —- In Phases.

The blow of wind

gushes through

one of its kind

never be true .


The blow of wind

strikes through

one of its  place

never be true.


The blow of wind

enfolds you through

one of its  race

never be true.


The blow of wind

raises you afloat  through

one of its trace

never be true


The blow of wind

raises you to a trance through

one of its excess

never be true.wind blowing





dissuades disturbs Poetry

The Strong Wind And The Mind

The strong wind came with a force

struck the land in course

ravaged for a few hours

every other thing went into covers

there was silence all through after

the wind subdued and blew softer

similar to the wind acts the mind

it blows fiercely in a kind

disturbs and dissuades  for a time

turbulent it turns with a chime

then settles down all too submissive

so that be the case all too inclusive

a high and a low all too common

well, that is how it is is it not fun?wind the mind

blizzard breeze Poetry

The Blizzard And Breeze.

Up goes the wind

striking in a kind

brush past the face

almost in an accelerated phase

with a hurt to the eyes

and a turn with  the flies

away it goes in a speed

disenchanting  in a deed

the winds could be both

a blizzard  with a toll

a breeze from the poles.

that be the experience in all

with a rise and a fall.12-26-STATEN-ISLAND-BLIZZARD

Haiku Poem

The Windy Kiss

The wind blows

not with a striking force

smothers with kisswind.


Part Of Fun

I watch through the window

see a bright sun out

With all enthusiasm, I go out

and get stuck by a wind flow.

The sun is there in full

It is radiant and nice

Yet, it is chill in ties

the winds bring the cool.

Heard, that the sun scorches

it beats  the elements in the strength

but it is a falsity in length

as winds excel in few pockets.

I perceive the force of winds

not alone in speed as of earlier

I experience the biting cold’s succour

as they flow through the fore and hind.

sun shines

I pity you, the great golden Sun

You, who I thought was unsurpassable

appear sheepish here in all possible

Well, that is also a part of fun.


Gone With The wind

Gone with a wind

no remnants of  any stormkind

to hold us in bind 

 as they are  well behind.


No trace of them whatsoever

 forgotten forever 

 think of them never

then you become clever.


Flown by the storm

 they are without a form.

lie in the infinity calm 

inflict no harm.


Past is very far away 

no remorse be in the way.

go ahead in gay 

that be the path always.




The Wind and Rain

he wind blows with a sound
it is terrific in the round
hissing and wheezing it takes off
storming and roaring it progresses
whining and whimpering it ends
the wind then blows off.

The branches of trees swirl fast
the leaves fall down in a rustle
the place is strewn with twigs
comes down the rain in a drizzle
a welcome shower to drench with cheer.

The rain starts with a rhythmic chant
the tiny drops fall with a poise
followed by the big drops on the field
it picks up speed with an enchanting prowl
the lovely pour down appears fantastic.

The parched land seems to brighten
enlivened by the ripples of the rain
the tumultuous showerswind and rain enliven the soil
the fecundity is aroused with force
there all along are signs of prosperity
significant and symbolic of growth.


The Wind

A calm wind
flew through from the hind
in an engulf

The pleasure experienced
was beyond any feel described
a comfort nap-time non pareil.


The Nuances Of Transition

The days fly away.

The leaves fall down,

The winds surge above.

The thoughts range behind,

There is a movement always

whatever be the posture

there be an up and down

that of a sideways expanse too.

The revolution of the earth around the sun.

The rotation of the earth on transitionits own axis .

The waning and waxing of the moon

all tell us about the motion

The waves coming in and going out

The sky clear turning cloudy.

The day becoming night,

all tell us about the changes routine.

The physic robust tending to become weak.

The youth in form aging to old in frailty

That be the nuances of transition

implying an intrinsic worth and flight


The Cheer And Fear.

The wind blows 

with the rustle and bustle

at times gentle stock-footage-happy-thanksgiving-leaves-this-video-starts-out-with-a-plant-with-leaves-gently-moving-in-the bringing cheer

realising great cheer and hope

at times fierce raising a disaster

releasing  great fear and harm

there being two sides for everything

a good and bad

the head and tails in the coin

which represents the best

which stands for worst

we know not  in full strength.

The face have two sides

one reflecting the genial

the other depicting the devil.

Well, that be the reason for all

having two sides in all

one for you and one for me

so goes the expression

with a plausibility  and impossibility

with a shine and a fade

that be the facets we perceive

being a regular strand of life.