The Sounds in variance.

It is a sound

pop it goes

a breaking sound.


It is a sound

drop it falls

a falling sound.


It is a sound

flare it rises

a rising sound.


It is a sound

bang it strikes

a striking sound.


It is a sound

thunderous it erupts

an erupting sound.


It is a sound

the burst of a balloon

a bursting sound.


Sounds do vary

up and low

decibels high and low.


A  sound as it seems

ordinary and extraordinary

being in range with the  context.


A sound as I hear

melodious and distraught

depends on  nature.


Rhythm and cadence

comply with harmony

never with.  unruly








free verse. missing Poetry

Away From The Usual

A little while from now

 I would not hear  in all

 the quarrels of my maids

 the blames   with a spitefulness

 the shouts of my cook for nothing

his stealthy withdrawals  seen and unseen

 the worldly advice of my driver to all around

preaches he with a force never practises

 the  divine communique of my watchman

 who links every event to the Lord

 says he that God made them all

 the screech of the vehicles

 plying up and down  the road

 know not where they go

and for what they go

turning next door, I hear

 the blindfold recitation of children

 with the teachers  at the top of their voice

teach alphabets  in a tone monotonous

while numbers one, two and three etc

come in a sequential flow

the hawkers cry calling out

 banana, banana, orange oranges

 till their voice turns hoarse

 going to go away from this place  of sound

 away from the hustle and bustle

 far away for a fortnight on to the wilderness

have to go without the usual  used surround

 I am going to miss them all obviously

 a yearning almost for a time from now

 Oh! am I going to miss you for long?



An Overcome.

Heard a sound feeble

down the garden in low decibel

went past  the flower bed 

 nothing could be heard

 walked towards the gate 

  heard a little purr out of date

 turned to catch a look

 it hurried  like a crook

went my way all along 

heard  a whimper like song 

 stopped  did not turne back

from behind the track

 felt  a  slight move 

came it slow in a prove

 stood stoic  like a rock 

 it did knock 

 did not budge 

I took a pledge 

not to get through

knew it was behind me all true 

it leaped in front

made  a soft grunt

Yes, it was a  hallucination

 the mind  at work  in designation

Startled yet resolute ahead I go 

I did overcome the nightmare in slow

a  grotesque satisfaction in a smooth flow.






The Sounds We Hear.

The sounds we hear every day

distract us in a way

the crow caws early in the morn

 could it be a wake up call

 no , even more before you say

 the cock strikes with a cock a doodle doo

 mind you it is the cock 

 not the clock that strikes harsh

 the chirping of sparrows 

 with a twitter gay and musical 

 invigorates the dawn in its rise

 over to the afternoon

 there be a lull of silence 

perhaps a faint cry somewhere 

 the evening resumes the chant

 the birds are in full form

 return they to the nests

 the hoot and shout of the owl

accompanies the darkness of the night 

 send a frightful feel down the spine

with them the animals too join

 though  the orchestra completes a round 

 the men and their gadgets 

stream up to the bustle 

the  rhythm loses its cadence

as the menfolk enter with a bang

 the horn and the speakers 

 decibels range high 

 force a fall out from nature 

harmony is lost cock

 finally Man is the great destroyer










The Wind and Rain

he wind blows with a sound
it is terrific in the round
hissing and wheezing it takes off
storming and roaring it progresses
whining and whimpering it ends
the wind then blows off.

The branches of trees swirl fast
the leaves fall down in a rustle
the place is strewn with twigs
comes down the rain in a drizzle
a welcome shower to drench with cheer.

The rain starts with a rhythmic chant
the tiny drops fall with a poise
followed by the big drops on the field
it picks up speed with an enchanting prowl
the lovely pour down appears fantastic.

The parched land seems to brighten
enlivened by the ripples of the rain
the tumultuous showerswind and rain enliven the soil
the fecundity is aroused with force
there all along are signs of prosperity
significant and symbolic of growth.


The Rain—–Haiku

The rains came

with great sound and fury

pouring nothing  elserain.


Sound And Echoes.

Calling mamma all over the world

echoed as  ” amma” to me in India

with that the similar words

rhyming the same every time

get a conspicuous  tone and sound

peculiar to the region and dialect

strange in places away  with an insight

becoming an incoherent  murmur  right.

Well, that being so goes the most familiar word

taking a different cue  and interpretation  loudmamma-mia

the most common word as simple as now

gets into the wave and sounds no

with that the denial gets linked up closely

leading to a controversy  unexpectedly

as also the  other much used word fat

falls  into another’s ear as fought

provoking an anger of great limit beyond

landing one in great trouble in the surround.

The repetition and assumptions of rhymes mostly

with the variations in diction   lands on a bounce greatl







Phailin With Noise.

The cyclone Phailin  raged across the east coast

breaking through the  deadly silence with a toast

crashing on the banks with a bang at the utmost

shattering the inhabitation  in violence   almost

blowing through the  seas with a  velocity

creating a sonorous guffaw with alacrity

wanting to devour  in a splashy flash

all it could in vociferous gigantic gush

as the villagers around cried  beating on their head and heart

the destruction led to a crumble and a tumble ancyclone-phailin  impact great

with people wailing  and running  aghast  in fear

looking for the lost lives  and  belongings without cheer

as their world cracked under  a thunderous  storm  very near.

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Shop The fear Away

As a little girl

I used to fear

sound that turned harsh

noise that  rose to be   loud

talks that  became  poisonous

meets that converted to revolt

friendship that bore ill will

love that  was superficial

act that  was feigned

altogether I was disturbed

seeing all these very young

around me in plenty

as years went by

I became strong

faced these incongruities

without fear undaunted

emerging invincible

the rest of my life.fear






Ill Sounding.

The calm of the morn got disturbed
The back yard echoes with a sound
tumultuous and jarring piercing the ears
sending waves of dust across
drenching the yard with dusty smoke

As I could not stay long in the back
came to the porch with my newspapers.
Misery again with a different noise
It is the beating of drums with full vigour
denoting that somebody has passed away.

Digging the already injured earth
Penetrating it for more water on one side.
Drum beats in a house where the departed is laid
do not augur well with the sombre occasions.
Am I going into other’s affairs too much?