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The Anger With A Pang

It is anger that kills you

 the fury and temper

 with a vigour devours you

attacks  in  a bunch altogether

clad the robes of pressure and infraction

undress and expose your real skin

the make dos seal you to a traction

you turn a fish without a fin

the pangs  of temper dismantle your  covetous

the devastation expresses a distraughtness

the angst  distracts the  attention from the focus

 as could be seen only in a ghostly indulgence


That Might Not.

I never swallow food in a hurry

take a time and do it without worry

even when I am in a fury

I chew and eat chew.leisurely.

Might be that quality of mine

makes me patient not only while I dine

persevere I relentlessly with a bind.

this way I  extend a system of a kind.

Patience emulated proves expensive

as I deal with things not impulsive

the tolerance level is intrusive

I never take anything offensive.

Again, this attitude brings no result

as I stay unperturbed by any tumult

passive I am without any fault

a loser I am by default.

The Anger Of Sun

The Sun is very angry
shining with a fury
making everyone weary
posting a slurry
proposing in a hurry
a treaty not very airy
but very slippery
calling for treaty
which is shortly
environment friendly
needed greatly
for man to live harmoniously
with nature peacefully.
Will man accept it readily?
Will he adopt it surely?
have to watch patiently.sun  furious.


The day before was hectic
with activities basic
but became very magnified
with huff and puffs
with sighs and cries.
with no’s and dont’s
making the whole thing bizarre.

That which could have done in no time
started looking like a big crime
with anger seething through
with vengeance heading over
with harsh words creeping in
with fury penetrating in
making the whole thing a bug bear.

Finally it came to an end
with lot of misgivings
with lot of indignation
with lot of persuasion
with lot of follow-up
with lot of disaster
complicating making the simple thing complicated.

Looks Are Too Many

Looks are many so many,

Calling for a penny,

Looks are different very different,

Posing an under current.

Looks  take a bird  tone and  an animal  clue,

Expressing a   sensation in queue


First comes the pleasant look,

With a smile and poise,

Next treks in a  beautiful look,

With a glamour and grace 

Then comes  in a seductive look,

With a provoke and blaze.


The  Ravenous looks are zealous,

Attributing  a rapacious insinuation,

The Eagle looks are horrendous,

Ascribing to an evil  demonstration

The  Dove looks are melodious,

Gathering a sweet  inclination.



The look of a Lion interprets majesty,

The look of a  Tiger indicates fury,

The look of  a wolf  emits  treachery,

The look of a rabbit exhibits timidity,

The look of a monkey elaborates truancy.



The individual  expressions of birds and animals,

Transcribe and translate in Man’s eye ,

Reflecting his intentions and intonations,

Be it royal, furious,  seductive and pleasant,

Compiling a record of looks too many.












Jeopardy-Storm +Anger.

A storm was ravaging out,

Rummaging all throughout,

Beating and battering out,

Fleecing wildly all throughout.


The composure was  unevenly poised . 

The countenance was prohibitively  pinned ,

The violent  rage was risky poised

The endanger was frightfully pinned. 


The storm blew in a  high velocity,

The panes and windows broke in alacrity, 

The trees seemed to move with the velocity,

Presenting a mysterious movement in alacrity.


The external disturbance was unbearable,

The noise of thunder was incorrigible,

The boggling of the mind was unbearable,

The frequent prodding proved incorrigible.


The outer and the inner decried at the same moment.

The fury and anguish descended simultaneously,

The storm  slowly abated at the intense moment,

The fuming and frothing rose  high simultaneously.

The storm created a havoc over the land,

The anger insinuated a jolt to the band,

Of course the storm dishevelled the land,

More so  the anger disunited the band.