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A Style

The reading was in a fastidious speed,

The presentation was extremely a fine lead,

The thought was clad in a lovely weave,

There was a contented leave.


The ambience was refreshing,

The liveliness was heartening,

The stride was enlivening,

There was a sophistication.


The people around were refined,

Moved about in a trend defined,

It was a gathering well-behaved,

There was a smothering paved.


Everything was precise to the dot,

All things started with a prompt,

The whole thing was a relevant compile,

Everything worked up in style.










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Looks Are Too Many

Looks are many so many,

Calling for a penny,

Looks are different very different,

Posing an under current.

Looks  take a bird  tone and  an animal  clue,

Expressing a   sensation in queue


First comes the pleasant look,

With a smile and poise,

Next treks in a  beautiful look,

With a glamour and grace 

Then comes  in a seductive look,

With a provoke and blaze.


The  Ravenous looks are zealous,

Attributing  a rapacious insinuation,

The Eagle looks are horrendous,

Ascribing to an evil  demonstration

The  Dove looks are melodious,

Gathering a sweet  inclination.



The look of a Lion interprets majesty,

The look of a  Tiger indicates fury,

The look of  a wolf  emits  treachery,

The look of a rabbit exhibits timidity,

The look of a monkey elaborates truancy.



The individual  expressions of birds and animals,

Transcribe and translate in Man’s eye ,

Reflecting his intentions and intonations,

Be it royal, furious,  seductive and pleasant,

Compiling a record of looks too many.