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An Eye For Money

True, Midas like still exist,

Really,Midas touch still remains,

Right,Midas greed still list,

As Midas tale gets a twist.

When lure for money is invasive,

Love for it is decisive,

Excess money  is persuasive

Creating a forlorn impressive

As the desire to hoard is great,

There emits a  craving so  crazy,

which  lets  out an appetite,

Beyond normal respite.

It is an insatiable  avarice,

which is an unyielding instinct,

It is  a  longing amorous,

which  is a unsavouring  grace.

Ever since   the lust  for currency,

Has attained   biblical    heights

Ensuring  intoxicating  rights

Which is an eye for money.

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Nanda’s Convocation

It  is serene and sober,

Quiet and proper,

Graduates so sombre,

Spectators all eager,

To witness the  graduation.

The chancellor  leads

The Vice chancellor  treads,

The Professors follow.

The retinue    gets on  stage.

To conduct the schedule.

Long speeches in a row,,

Crushingly slow,

Applauses  all  around ,

As the chancellor  rises ,

To confer the prizes.

The scholars line up,

Awaiting the sign up,

As the names are called

They climb  up  ,

To receive the gold.

Watching with  great awe,

Likening it to  what we saw,

As it is  a kindergarten   graduation,

Organised  with concentration,

A    terrific grand show

The coveted  honour ,

Goes to Nanda,

Who  with  a pointy hood ,

And in a five piece suit,

Walks up

To receive the honour.

A lovely convocation,

So original and typical,

So beautiful and radical,

To see the  tiny tots .,

Graduate   from  Kindergarten

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In future

Will hear a song a little away

So sweet and soothing,

So touching and smothering,

Making one to sway.

At present.

Hear a  voice now,

So appealing and delicate,

So lovely and  intricate,

Letting the  head to bow

Long ago,

Heard a melody a while ago,

So enrapturing and binding,

So enchanting and fastening,

Melting the heart to glow.


It is always  a mother’s song

Laden  with  ecstasy

Where the rhythmic fantasy,

Holds the throng.


The  eyelids  close

When   the love  engulfs

While the affinity  entices

Rendering a sight of a rose.

Time immemorial

Hush   little  baby,

Hush  do not cry,

As dad loves you,

And so do I

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Omens -Bad And Good

What a belief!

At this relief,

While you venture out,

Jumps a cat stout,

A bad omen indeed!

What a thought,

Among the lot,

As you move out

If a widow  comes about,

A  very bad omen indeed!

What a   faith

Amidst the  eighth,

As you turn around,

If  you hear a lizard’s sound,

A good omen indeed!

What a trust!,

Amongst the first,

As you proceed to file

If you see a child  smile,

A best omen indeed!

Omens still signify,

Bad does terrify

Good  does gratify,

All do testify,

Bad and Good.

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Cheats All Around.

I look north,

I turn south,

I focus on west,

I fix on east,

Everywhere I find cheats.

In the hands of  my co born,

My inheritance is torn,

In the clutches of my in laws,

My  progress thaws.

Everywhere I  see cheats.

The legality is strong,

The execution is wrong,

The swindling is quick,

They  squander in a flick.

Everywhere I cross cheats .

I am in despair,

I  am unaware,

I wish to  condemn.

I  say damn,

Everywhere  I meet cheats.

To come out, I  contemplate

To get my due , I  conjugate,

To succeed , I struggle,

To  live ,I juggle,

I see cheats all around.


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Hyper activism

Indulging into any,

Diving into many,

Crossing all,

Pushing ball,

Delivers  irrelevance.

Messing things,

Meaningless sing,

Poking into,

Seizing unto,

Directs irrationality

Unwanted pop,

Interfering sop,

Garrulous chat,

Falling flat,

Details  detestation

Tremendous squabble,

Tedious  babble,

Ugly quarrel,

Dirty moral,

Discuss torment.

Shrill speech,

Oblivious teach,

Aggressive arrogance,

Disrupting  tense,

Project chaos.

An out of focus  presence,

An  out of limit dissonance,

A loud crackdown,

A  blowing pull down,

Pronounces hyper activism

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Prejudiced Activism

A  faltered   surfing across,

A retarded  skating along,

A triggered flight  above,

Imply an indifference.

A wretched ruthlessness  attempts,

A coveted greediness preempts

A scathing malevolence harbingers

A quashed  contempt lingers.

Brooding  callous designs

To acquire  personal gains,

Discarding honest ethics,

To emancipate the gothic.

Disclosing  thoughts atrocious

Decrying impressions nebulous,

Diminishing  valuations horribly,

Deleting facts indelibly.

All misdeeds  lead to dissolution,

All mishaps direct to destruction,

Most propel diminutive  deluge.

Most promise  discriminate refuge.

Intentions create a revolution.

Instigations cause a rebellion,

Activism nudges  a possibility

Prejudice suffocates  probability.

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Passive Activism

Heard of a silent spectator,

Being a passive speculator,

Unmoved by ruffling edicts,

Untouched by tormenting predicts.

Noticed a dormant inert,

Akin to  a defunct  introvert,,

Undisturbed by actions around,

Untouched by targets found.

Living   through a negative brink

By sipping a wholesome drink,

While  singing a doleful anthem,

None can  nonchalantly  fathom.

Passing a leviathan  mandate,

Harbouring a sedentary  masquerade,

Deliberating  on an illusion  non-existent,

Confirming  a  mishap malevolent.

A  thronging breed   mostly found.

A staunch  belief truly unsound,

A  dangerous creed  really alarming

A risky  criteria  truly  disarming.

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A Rosy bud.

A rose bud dangles in the air,

The pinkish hue looks fair,’

The green stalk dances along,

To the vibrant  Nature’s  song.

My Little lady in  pink,

Smiles at me with a wink,

Regally  she  glides   along,

With a  submissive throng.

The bud looks  incredibly  lush

My  little lady appears   thoroughly fresh,

As the tiny bud   gaily  beckons

My beautiful  lady   firmly reckons.

The bud   looks    firmly tight

My little lady  expresses  terms bright,

As  the  lovely bud   gleefully  calls

My sweet lady   happily  responds.

The bud   is none other than   rose

My little lady  is  no other than Meenu,

As the rose bud is  a lovely  exuberance

My  little  lady is a  graceful  elegance